Limited Edition Memorabilia

Limited Edition Memorabilia

The creative community has shown enormous support for our campaign to nurture and protect street culture in Camden and the UK as a whole. World-leading capo company, G7th has created a very special capo with our campaign name engraved on it and has donated some Nashville capos for us to provide as perks in our fundraiser. A huge thank you from everyone here at KSL campaign for your support. INVEST in the limited edition Keep Streets Live capo by G7th

Resident Keep Streets Live artist and printmaker, Laura Sparks has deigned the KSL badges and posters, see these below. We’re sure you’ll agree that they capture the spirit behind our campaign. Badges are £5 and postcards are £10. Donate here.


Limited edition 'Keep Streets Live' guitar capo by world-leading brand G7th

Limited edition ‘Keep Streets Live’ guitar capo by world-leading brand G7th

Limited edition art prints by Laura SparksLimited edition art prints by Laura Sparks

Limited edition art print by Laura Sparks

Limited edition art print by Laura Sparks


Limited edition badges by Laura Sparks

Limited edition badges by Laura Sparks

Keep Streets Live cartoon by Vonney Armstrong

Keep Streets Live cartoon by Vonney Armstrong

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Singer-Songwriter/Professional Street Performer/Campaigner/Wandering Minstrel

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  • The only political activity that makes any sense is political change or political reform that offers populations some way of importantly improving their lives.

    Whatever you think of the vices or virtues of the state as such if people are all relegated to the market for their livelihoods they’ll just starve.

    The role of the state is becoming ever larger rather than smaller – anyway and it was always a myth that if you take away the social power of the state the state will therefore become smaller, kinder. lighter so to speak. Even conservatives recognise this!.

    The state in aggregate may be getting smaller but that power is ever constantly being invoked by an ever increasing no of clients.
    Since most owners are ‘absentee’ Landlords, the facia that people feel compelled to fight when they are discontented is the government.

    The people have ‘no’ social power i.e. it cannot of itself create the conditions that will satisy its aspirations. The great moral problem of the age is who do contemporary government(s) take responsibility for?.

    In other words Q Who will live and who will die?. They’ll have to decide, social assistance is on its way out!. Governments will have to decide who to help and by defintion those no’s will have to be small because Governments simply don’t have enough resources. Of course they don’t have the ‘will’ either ( tho’ again of course this is less easy to demonstrate! )………

    *Edited Extracts from Philosopher Gaspar Tamas – On The Failure of Liberal Democracy

  • Q The Contemporary Welfare State? Its nature, structure and social composition?
    A. Freemasons, The Church and other human abstact ‘messiah’ figures currently out there working the streets!

  • PM David Cameron was featured on the news some weeks back airing a speech trying to re-assure senior Church Clergy that what is a waning instution still had an important place as part of the social fabric of our country. He was quoted as saying that we ( in the UK ) still got our values from Christianity.

    What a load of old tosh, and sheer nonsense. You can tell no this guy went to Eaton, and is totally out of touch with the general public, has nobody pointed out to him yet, that nobody goes to church on Sundays anymore. Besides most of the everyday values genuinely held by folk even if echoed in Church doctrine and filtered through religion in fact existed well before the appearance of Christianity.

    I for one owe my conscience to and am very much morally indebted to the mores of Classical Civilization eg Greek philosophy and Roman Stoicism. We Europeans all are. Cameron needs to get a history lesson ( and perhaps some Geography classes ) from Michael Gove on this issue. He needs to get a ‘serious’ education and quick!.

    Just been made aware of a local Birmingham character calling himself The Busking Bobby having just recieved a so called prestigious ‘Point of Light’ Award from the Prime Minister for his
    ‘inspirational’ work helping the homeless. I tell you this, his Chocs and Socks campaign involving collecting and donating, yes you’ve guessed, it ‘chocs’ and ‘sock’ to the homeless will make a fantastic
    replacement for the welfare state. Cameron here enthusiastically states that he hopes others will follow the Busking Bobby’s example.

    I can’t believe it but its absurdly true, here we have it , today if you find yourself homeless, in England the 6th largest world economy, in the 21st Century, don’t expect a place on a council house/flat waiting list, don’t expect ‘official’ social assistance, don’t expect a small state allowance for some food, clothing etc no!. However don’t be silly and simply give up, be happy cos’ heres a nice box of chocolates and a nice pair of socks from the Busking Bobby, that’ll keep you going for a week or so. I aks myself, Boost a poor unfortunate persons morale?, this is enough to make you sick, to tell you the truth I find it personally nauseating, sickening, and from a wider, larger human perspective, part of a post modern social moral malaise.

    From a Street Performers perspective I understand that our Busking Bobby has taken it upon himself, so he claims, to support the busking cause in the city by setting up meeting next month with Birmingham Councillers. I don’t know why, is there a particular crisis going on at the moment?. I also don’t know why he calls himself the Busking Bobby, the fact is he’s not a Busker at all hes a police officer/ charity worker , who borrowed a guitar off a local Busker last Summer on the city High Street and did a ad-hoc rendition of some Oasis Song ( I don’t know the name ? ) for some promo video now featured Tube Video. I’ve never met this guy myself and given the nature of his current relationship with the guy who lent him the guitar ( from my experience not exactly a noble kind of fellow and currently building himself a fine busking reputation as a social media bully and ‘serious’ noise nuisance problem in the city centre ) I hope I never will, and that goes for others.

    I’ve got my own meetings with key figures next week and I’ll find out more clearly ( and I hope factually ) whats going on then. I’ve alread passed a few messages through these channels and I understand they’re beginning to reach the top. I’ve learned you simply don’t need people like this when it comes to representing your case, this is a ‘liberal’ democracy, an imperfect and some would argue failing one, but a liberal system nevertheless and I for one ( and others ) aim to use it.

  • ‘Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely’ . What some people won’t do for power eh?. Bloodsuckers!, Psychic Energy Drainers abound!. Vampire Nation’ ; the conditions are afoot, this country is rapidly becoming a nation of Vampires acting, practicing, preying ruthlessly on other people.

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