Councillor Jonny Bucknell On Busking

CONSERVATIVE councillor Jonny Bucknell delivered one of the loudest speeches during the busking debate at the Town Hall on Monday. He accused the council of being “elitist” for asking street musicians in Camden to obtain licences.

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  • I used to be a Socialist until I realised that the ‘left-wing’ middle class
    expected the working class to live ‘spartan’ lives while they themselves drank champagne and took holidays in Provence.

  • Today in the year 2014 theres still a storm brewing, a ‘legislative’ spectre set to haunt and cast its terrifying shadow over all the
    Street Performers in the UK…………..( I can feel it in my bones!
    and I shudder to think!!! )

  • I wish all ‘political’ parties would become just a little bit more culturally conscious and begin to appreciate and acknowledge the value and benefits of street perfrorming arts in ‘ certain ‘ areas of our towns and cities, particularly places like Camden London.

    Remember that for some areas having an ‘artistic’ identity can be the very ‘key’ to their general ‘business’ and ‘commercial’ success.

    From ‘Greenwhich Village’ in New York to’the Bay area’ in San Francisco t urban city centre areas have thrived economically building much of their success eg. incl, ‘tourism’ from their reputations as being interesting and colourful ‘cultural’ centres.

    I know for one ( I was visiting Camden Market in the 1990’s post the New ‘Romantic’ scene ) that Camdens ‘visitor attraction is due to its ‘cool’ vibe as much as the market fashion ‘shopping’. And this is an ‘artistic’ ethos that owes much tothe long established street music scene found in the area.

    Camden council does need to look into the issue of ‘noise’ nuiscance and the problem of ‘certain’ more irresponsible street performers. But introducing ‘draconian’ busking legislation with its blanket bans does not really help matters. In fact it can kill with its very ‘puritianism’ what is a rich popular cultural ‘street’ heritage
    – along with its many benefits.

    Take lessons from places like Stratford upon Avon and Birmingham at the heart of England. They’ve managed to introduce more balanced and ‘fairer’ Liberal ‘pluralistic’
    schemes that have managed to find a ‘middle’ way through problems, protecing the rights f shops, offices and residents from ‘noise’ whilst preserving and ‘ encouraging’ a ‘creative’ and
    thriving street performing scheme.

    Finally you’ll find that Street performing is very much ‘valued’ in both places eg. In Stratford for its ‘tourist’ attraction and in Birmingham in helpin its ‘transormation’ from old ‘industrial’ centre to post-modern commercial regional capital.

    Camden too could benefit from recognising the worth of ‘good’ street performing and use it ( rather than destroy it ) to promote its own reputation as an ‘artistic’ and ‘cool’ place to visit and shop in , as well as attractive ‘residential’ haunt.

  • I love Jonny’s ‘new’ campaign video bytheway, ‘Slick’ in the right sense of the word and very professional. Politics is indeed an art and the ASAP’s latest You Tube ‘short’ is an exemplar, in this, the age of ‘the blog’ and the soundbite.

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