York: KSL approves new guidance.

York: KSL approves new guidance.

City of York Council have launched their new busking guidance, in conjunction with Make It York, to ensure clarity and fairness for people when performing in York.

The guidelines highlight public and private spaces in popular busking locations, as well as considerations buskers should make when performing, including amplification which is prohibited between 9pm – 8am.

The busking document also addresses issues such as the offer of goods and services, volume and pitch of the performance, and advice for residents and businesses. 

Should performers fail to adhere to the guidelines or should a complaint be made by the public, a warning notice may be issued. Following the issue of a notice, should the busker fail to adhere, legal action can be taken by City of York Council.

Cllr Denise Craghill,Executive Member for Housing and Safer Neighbourhoods at City of York Council, said:“It’s clear to us that busking is of great value to our city and despite growing numbers, we get very few complaints escalated for enforcement. 

“However, it is important that when we do get complaints, we have a clear and fair way of dealing with problems such as excessive volume and obstruction to footpaths. 

“We look forward to working with Make It York and our busking community to ensure the street performances our city is well known for, are enjoyable for residents, businesses and visitors alike.” 

Chris Price, Head of City Centre and Markets at Make It York, said:“Busking is an important part of creating a vibrant, exciting and cosmopolitan atmosphere for residents, visitors and businesses in York.

“As a city we encourage busking and we want to welcome buskers from across the County and beyond, and will continue to work closely with the busking community as these new guidelines come into place.”

Chester Bingley from Keep Streets Live, a group representing the busking community said:“Keep Streets Live is happy to see that York is continuing its positive approach to busking and street entertainment.  

“The new guidance maintains the creative spirit whilst improving clarity, ensuring that responsible performers are made welcome and that York maintains its reputation as a vibrant cultural hub.” 

The guidance can be found on www.york.gov.uk/busking

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