Busk Card

We are happy to announce that Kirwans Solicitors are providing legal support to our campaign. They and the Mucicasn’s Union have looked over the following ‘Busk Card’ which has met with both of their approval. As long as performers abide by our code of practice (consideration for others and politeness), Kirwans have kindly offered for the time being to work FREE OF CHARGE in representing any street artists or performer in Liverpool who is charged with being in breach of any law covered in the Busk Card at the bottom of this post.

If you are arrested, call KIRWANS on their 24-hour emergency hotline

07770 864 037

and explain to them that your are involved with Keep Streets Live campaign and they will send out one of their lawyers to represent you.

We recommend printing four copies of the following document onto one side of A4 card, front and back. Please carry this card with you at all times so you can refer to it should a conflict arise: