Stop Swindon Council’s Attack on Street Culture

Stop Swindon Council’s Attack on Street Culture


Swindon’s Public Space Protection Order is an assault on the town’s civic life.

Skateboarding ‘or similar’ in an ‘annoying’ way, drawing pavement art with chalk, playing fetch with a dog without a lead, collecting money for a charity ‘assertively’, even peddling with a valid license could all become a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £1000 under proposals tabled by Swindon Borough Council.

Taken together these measures represent a highly heavy handed approach to the oversight of the public spaces in the town, and the unnecessary creation of vague and ambiguous criminal offences so we are constructively opposing this measure. Please take a moment to fill out your own response to this measure, the more people who complete the consultation, the more chance we have of stopping these measures.

This is the Keep Streets Live Campaign response to Swindon Borough Council’s online consultation on whether to create 

Please take the time to complete the consultation via this link:

Feel free to use our responses as a guide

There is also a petition against this measure here:

Swindon Borough Council (referred to hereafter as ‘the authority’) hereby makes the following Public Spaces Protection Order that applies to the public space as referred to within the marked boundary in Appendix One: 

Proposed Restrictions: 

1. Dogs on leads
Any person in charge of a dog, at any time, must keep the dog on a lead unless subject to exemptions listed in Appendix Two below.

KSL response 

It should not be a criminal offence to walk a dog without a lead. Instead dog-owners should be treated as responsible persons capable of making their own judgments about the nature of their dog and its relationship to public safety under existing legislation. This prohibition is unnecessarily wide and has the effect of criminalising harmless activities like playing fetch with a dog in a public place. It will have the presumably unintended effect of turning Swindon’s public spaces into more alienating environments, for dog-owners and non-dog-owners alike.

2. Alcohol
Any person is prohibited from, at any time, consuming alcohol or having an open alcohol container, unless subject to exemptions listed in Appendix Two below. 

KSL response 

    Once again this prohibition is framed too widely and criminalises people unnecessarily, for instance a family having a glass of wine with a picnic, two lovers having a glass of champagne in the park. A discretionary power allowing the police to request that persons surrender their drink upon request would allow the authorities to deal with any antisocial behaviour resulting from alcohol use without the need for authoritarian and catch-all measures.

3. Begging
Any person is prohibited from, at any time, placing himself in a position to receive alms for a continuing period. 

KSL response 

This is a particularly problematic prohibition from an equalities act and Human Rights Act standpoint. Creating a criminal offence that catches the most vulnerable and destitute members of society is punitive and unlikely to be effective. A beggar is unlikely to be able to afford to pay a £100 spot fine and will likely end up in court where they would face a mandatory court charge of £150 before the magistrates even had chance to pass a judgment. It is conceivable that some vulnerable persons might face imprisonment as a consequence of non-payment of court fees and fines. At a time of rising poverty and homelessness a local authority should not be using these discretionary powers to punish the poor and vulnerable. Additionally, these measures would leave Swindon open to a formal legal challenge. Oxford City Council’s proposals to make ‘persistent begging’ the focus of a PSPO proposal resulted in a formal legal challenge from the Human Rights body Liberty and widespread protests: Oxford City Council subsequently adjusted the wording of their proposal to say ‘begging that could reasonably be perceived as aggressive’, which, whilst still highly problematic makes the proposal more proportionate to the potential social harms caused by begging. This measure should be removed from the PSPO.

4.) Peddling/Street Trading
Any person is prohibited from, at any time, peddling/trading goods without the written permission of the authority, even if licensed. 

  KSL response 

The criminalisation of pedlars and street traders under this prohibition, even if they hold a valid license, is punitive and unnecessary and an attack on a legitimate way of making a living. Peddling is a valid and lawful means of making a living in the UK with a history that predates the 1871 Pedlar’s Act. The working of this prohibition is also vague enough to have worrying implications for other users of public spaces such as buskers who might make CDs of their performances available to passerby.

5.) Skateboarding
Any person is prohibited from, at any time, using a skateboard or similar in a way that may damage property or cause nuisance or annoyance.

KSL response 

The wording of this prohibition is vague and open ended:  ‘Any person is prohibited from, at any time, using a skateboard or similar in a way that may damage property or cause nuisance or annoyance’

This means that a skateboarder could face a criminal record and fines of up to £1000 for causing ‘annoyance’ to someone. What definition of ‘annoyance’ is being used? What, indeed, is ‘similar’ in relation to a skateboard? A bicycle? A tricycle? A zimmer frame? A scooter?

This is an unnecessary and punitive measure that will have a disproportionate impact on young people for whom skateboarding is a hobby and pastime, and creates an unnecessary relationship of antagonism between the local authority and the skateboarding community.

It is also probably unlawful because it creates an unacceptable degree of uncertainty about what behaviour is, and isn’t lawful. For example, is riding a scooter or tricycle in a way that someone finds annoying unlawful under this prohibition?

Existing legislation relating to criminal damage and public order is more than adequate to deal with any concerns about the ‘excesses’ of the skateboarding community.

6.) Marking surfaces/chalking
Any person is prohibited from, at any time, directly marking surfaces such as walls or pavements with paints, chalk or similar without the written permission of the authority.

Street art using chalk that can be washed off by an afternoon of rainfall or a bucket of water should not be a criminal offence. In no way can it meaningfully be said to have a detrimental effect on the local area, in fact, street art, alongside street entertainment is a long established part of any vibrant street culture and should be encouraged and supported by the local authority, not subject to punitive fines and criminalisation.

7.) Aggressive Charity Collection 

Any person is prohibited from, at any time, on land detailed in Appendix One below, engaging in assertive or aggressive (commercial or charity) collection or soliciting of money. 

KSL response

Once again the wording of this prohibition is dangerously vague and open-ended and creates a potentially ambiguous criminal offence of ‘assertive’ charity collection. What objective standard of ‘assertiveness’ or ‘aggressiveness’ is being proposed to evaluate an offence which carries a criminal record and fines of up to £1000?Why is existing public order legislation such as the Public Order Act 1986 which created the offence of causing ‘alarm, harassment or distress’ insufficient to address a situation where there were concerns about the approach of a charity collector? What standard of evidence will be used to establish that this ‘offence’ has occurred?This has been poorly thought through and is most probably unlawful, and would be open to legal challenge.

This post was written by
Singer-Songwriter/Professional Street Performer/Campaigner/Wandering Minstrel

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  • * Busker on Busker Violence

    But first Jonny lets get our own house in order eh!.

    Yeah, Jonny , time to truly expose the ‘hyporicsy’ of BuskerTony Scott described as ‘’ my friend from Birmingham ‘’ by your colleague Chester Bingley ( at ‘Buskers Unregulated!’ ), who according to ‘local’ press has just failed to turn up at Magistrates Court for ‘ threatening to cut of the fingers of another Busker, 18 year old ‘female’ music student , Demi Marinder ‘. He’s wanted for harrassment, & causing fear of violence!.

    Lets hope they catch the ‘b—–‘ eh Jonny ?
    ( Birmingham Mail, 15 Oct 2015 Birmingham Buskers Threat to Chop off Fingers of Teenage Rival.. )

    • * Note

      I remember going out of my way, a few years back to attend a meeting in Liverpool ( my first & last attendance at a so-called Streetslive meeting! ) specifically to warn you about this guy, you deliberately ‘ignored’ me & what I said ( ie. simply ‘drowning’ me out of the discussion ) preferring instead ( I guess for ‘political’ reasons ) to adopt ‘him’ as ‘ a friend’ & support him against ‘just’ accusations that he was guilty of causing ‘noise’ nuisance ( ie. playing with excessive ‘volume’ levels ) in Birmingham city centre.

      You also played ‘flying’ monkey in his campaign to ‘smear’ me for supposedly bullying other buskers in Stratford upon Avon. I remind ‘you’ ( & others ) that Stratford upon Avon has a well ‘developed’ busking scheme ( incl 2hr revolving spot sharing ! ) yet Scott decided to ‘waltz’ into town on a ‘flying’ visit, ignore the existing code ( agreed! ), & selfishly take up a key town centre spot all afternoon for himself & ‘female’ partner he was travelling with.

      Town Hosts & Police were called ( as part of the civil code! ) partly due to reports of ‘excessive’ noise levels etc, he was reprimanded. It was in this context that he then embarked on a ‘malicious’ campaign to scapegoat me eg. ‘smear’ me for bullying. I know he was ‘key’ in your attempting to label me as an ‘aggressor’ ( bully ) amongst your ‘streetslive’ circles.

      Furthermore there were ‘racist’ implications here as it came across as ‘him’ trying to bracket me as the ‘archetypal’ aggressive Nigger!. A totally unfounded lie & distortion of the ‘facts’, i.e. because I’m in ‘general’ a busking supporter of & consciously work within the working ‘civil’ busking scheme devised &’set-up’ by ‘experienced’ local professional Folk Musician Marion Morgan ( in ‘consultation’ with others! ). To my knowledge other ‘local’ Buskers in the main support the scheme ( once they fully understand it’s rationale! ) too!.

      • Yeah Tony Scott now ‘wanted’ for threatening to cut off the fingers of a yg music student, who, – your ‘other’ more recent ‘right-hand man’ ( eg. accompanying you in meetings in Chester etc , an ex Bath Busker now frequenting Stratford upon, I mention his ‘name’ overleaf! ) during a conversation, critical ‘exchange’ of words ( 3 or so weeks ago! ) – described, in characeristic ‘bad-taste, as ”a good man! ”.

        • Apologes its ‘Demi Marriner’ ( not Marinder ) the Busker, the ‘teenage’ girl ‘victimised’ ( harrassed & threatened! ) by Tony Scott!.

          • As for Scott described in ‘some’ quarters ( online! ) as a ” Busker Teacher & Mentor ”, he’s been finally caught & ‘convicted!’.

          • All Folk ( nevermind ‘aspiring’ Buskers ) must learn that there are plenty of insecure & ‘deviant’ People in the world ( out there on the streets! ) who consistently ‘choose’ to unfairly criticise, spitefully smear, & seek to ‘malicously’ undermine others, performers, the public alike, so as to increase their own signifance ( their own sense of importance! ).

            But the desire to sadistically ‘mutilate’ another human-being, psychotically butcher & annihilate them? For a ‘few’ sick minds this has got to be the ultimate way of ‘hiding’ ( if not the ‘only’ way of coming to terms with! ) their more ‘natural’ blemishes.

          • Beware also of the person who simply ‘ignores’ theirs & try’s to get by in this world on a ‘false’ air of natural superiority!. Or indeed the person who does’nt ignore theirs, takes the appropriate ‘corrective’, creative ( i.e. ‘cosmetic’!) action & ‘then’ proceeds to get by in this world on a ‘false’ air of natural superiority!.

          • Finally, most ‘dangerous’ of all, are those often ‘charming’ individuals ( incl. women! ) who ‘appear’ to have come to terms with their ‘natural’ blemishes, but whom on closer observation, closer scrutiny, indeed closer ‘relations’, cleary & often very abrubtly have’nt.

            They can’t ‘healthily’ come to terms with such faults; these ‘amoral’, extremely vain, highly ‘manipulative’ individuals ( natural Actors! ). And for deep ‘structural’ personality reasons’ never could.

            For that reason alone it’s not only wise that they be ‘ignored’, unless you know what you’re doing, they are to be given a wide ‘birth’ i.e. they’re to be totally avoided!.

          • We’ve all got ‘blemishes’ so for me its a case of ‘mind over matter’, thats where the key ‘solution’ can be found & in the important realisation that might is’nt always right!.

          • And the ‘truth’ that indeed you can be loved for who you really are! ( its true you really can! )

          • Of course these concepts are also the clue as to why at the end of the day most ‘woman’ end up ‘marrying’ their ‘fathers’, & I guess to some extent ‘men’ their ‘mother’s!.

          • Or at least someone who closely resembles their Fathers, closely resembles their Mothers!

  • * Petty Tyranny ( & street performing )

    Jonny, I note you as a ‘big gun’ when it comes to fighting some of the ‘key’ forms of petty tyranny Street Performers & Buskers commonly face on the streets.

    The campaign website, the public petitions, the ‘positive’ recruitment of politically ‘conscious’ ( ‘conscientious’ ) ‘celebrities’ like Mark Thomas are serious ‘weapons’ in the fight against unjust ‘dominant’ Council Authorities ( the factory boss ) & ‘oppressive’ town/city wardens ( factory floor supervisers ) who regularly ( well more than they would admit ) display a tendency towards ‘oppression’ ( draconianly so! ) on the streets.

    The issue ‘I’ wish to ‘highlight’ here, concerns that other type of ‘petty tyrant’, found too on the streets and causing much anguish, damage & harm to ‘others’, ie. no stranger to busking, eg the ‘workplace bully’ ( the ‘true’ one! ). This is a problem that simply can’t be overlooked ( lest you become a kind of ‘tyrant’ by proxee yourself ) & speaking from experience eg. family, school, my first job(s) is a real ‘destroyer’ – perhaps one of the key emotional/trauma areas that has particularly ‘affected’ my life!.

    When I ‘meditate’ on this ’emotive’ little topic, what has been for me such a personally troublesome subject matter, I tell you feelings run from attitudes of quiet desparation to the rages ( & violent outburts! ) of a ‘psychotic’ killer!.

    • * New Pathways ( brain ‘neural ones )

      I’m now in the midsts of deep thought, clearing away the emotional ‘debris’ ( hurt pride, indignation & deritas ), reflecting on the ‘journey’ thus far undertaken ( the wasted years! ) & on any possible ( ‘just’ realistic ) pathway(s) to a ‘new’ way!. A ‘new’ me, a new person, a new brain!

      • Nb
        Justice system apart ( note it does’nt work for everyone ) theres got to be a ‘positive’ ( winning! ) alternative response ( incl neural re-wiring ) to being always ‘picked on’, isolated & scapegoated i.e. a life of exclusion. Plus a not uncommon cycle of violence ( albeit psycho/emotional ) finally broken!.

        • * Those Who Live By The Sword….

          Coming to think about it Walker ( in relation to the Scott affair ) it could be time for ‘you’ to ‘ fall on your sword! ‘ like the recent Tory MP Grant Shaps over the bullying scandal of Mark Clarke.

          Yeah, no doubt Clarke had his ‘uses’ managing the parties growing body of zealous activists, his scurrilous activities something about which to keep quiet about.

          But now this scandal is out I think most people would agree, Shaps as a ‘senior’ Tory Minister, a man in a high place of responsibility has finally done the honorable thing!.

          • * Remember

            Jonny if ‘Streetslive’ was indeed a ‘serious’ ( rather than ‘Mickey Mouse’ ) political organisation & with you as the Leader then this is what would be happening right now in the public domain, the Sunday Press would be calling for your head.

            Because if someone like Demi Marriner did not have the good fortune of having a Mother as a ‘Solicitor’ plus the quick wits, ( rescources & know how!) to collect ‘Court’ evidence then who knows what state of mind the poor yg woman might be in now, who knows the ‘full’ consequences of Scotts bullying.

            You know in the world of ‘grown up’ politics this sort of thing has ‘serious’ implications not just for the ‘culprit’ but for the whole organisation to which they belong ( or ‘associate’! ) particularly for those at the top!.

          • * Voices from the Underground

            ” I used to imagine adventures for
            myself, I invented a life, so that
            I could at least exist myself ”
            ( Underground Man – Fyodor
            Dostoevsky )

            I mention above how ‘the insecure man’ ( often whilst carefully, & ‘foxily’ adopting the mask of ‘victim’ himself ) uses ‘smear’ & spite to undermine the other, so as to make himself feel significant.

            Of course another way this ‘type’ makes himself important – in fact its an increasingly common method used by many, in these days of social media – is thru’ straightforward ‘hype’ ( yeah, their very own self-created, in some cases fairly professional ‘media’ hype eg. home blog or video! ).

            I see many ‘echoes’ of the greatest hypster of them all here eg. ‘Leni Riefenstahl’. Whilst she has been regarded by some circles as the greatest film documentary ‘propagandist’ in history, by others she remains the archetypal ‘cheat’ Artist, in some ways ‘creative’ but essentially a lazy ‘cut ‘n paste’ merchant.

            I agree with ( I stand persuaded by! ) the latter view, & thats not just because ‘instinctively’ I know this woman is the embodiment of ‘evil’ but in part because ‘history’ actually back this latter claim up.

            I’ve heard certain wisecrackers ( wise guys, agony aunt types online etc ) espouse as wisdom that ” will beats skill ” ( See Twitter ‘True Facts’ quote by Kevin Constantine ). The truth is, as ‘time’ always shows ”skill beats will ” ( & in the ‘long’ term every time! ). Yeah, skill, ‘know-how’ this is the ‘real’ pathway to personal achivement & ‘genuine’ success.

            You know what the mind does sometimes boggle tho’ & you can’t believe what you see out there in the webisphere.

            Eg. I’ve just taken a peek at one, yeah! street-performers, facebook page, & twitter account, a space emblazoned with Union Jacks ‘n pics of ‘mixed’ black n’ white couples dancing around n’ singing ‘country’ music. Now I know its true, I’m convinced of it, we are now living in a ‘multi-cultural’ fascist state!.

          • Nb

            Of course sometimes the ‘shysters’ ( blog n’ video scammers ) can & do get it right. Honestly & quite skillfully their ‘home’-made ( ‘edited’ ) video’s may even tell the truth, shed a little light, insight even – & quite entertainingly!

          • Ok providing us not with ‘ the greatest show on earth ‘, but funny, ironic videos showing some humor nevertheless. Could this be their saving grace?

          • See Linda Simpson ‘ A Life In Music ‘ Street I Am Blog.

          • No amateur media ‘hatchet’ job this either, a ‘truthful’ work inspired by genius ( or at least some ‘spark’ person out there anyway! )

          • Yeah, some ‘bright’ spark!.

          • ( Nb. Not sure the same could be said tho’ about other related pieces on this blog. For example despite the apparant ‘candidness’ I doubt the veracity of one quite curious ‘moral tale’ presented here too by ‘the writer’. A ‘sister’ blog about how busking & the streets saved ‘him’ from ‘degeneration’!. )

  • * A Public Warning

    Trial over, publicly ( & justly! ) convicted upon evidence, I understand Scott is now back on the streets, tho’ for his own protection I understand he is now going out under an ‘assumed’ identity. So watch out for Mad Tony, Tony Layotta, Tony Morganello & his most recent ‘front ‘, a man, a Busker turning up in small town boroughs, & going by the name of Jonny Johnson!’.

    • * Codes of ‘Good’ Busking Behaviour ( a ‘personal’ response! )

      On a more ‘serious’ note, given this ‘context’ & as for any codes, busking schemes etc claimed to be emanating from you Walker or yer friends, I tell you now, I for one won’t be taking any one of them ‘seriously’, whether devised in conjunction with Councils & Local Authorities or not.

      So keep your ‘laminated’ book of busking rules for yourself & don’t even think of passing one onto me, cos’ if one lands on my lap, I’m either going to tear it up on the spot or burn it!. I don’t want anything at all to do with your ‘vile’ schemes or ‘you’ & your sort, ( vile ‘hypocrites’ ), nor organisations like the Music Union ( cosy n’ middle-class ).

      As for Birmingham City Council this particular authority make me sick ( literally ‘nauseates’ me ), their record speaks for itself, the worst ‘social’ services in the country & a pretty nasty reputation for social exclusion when it comes to ‘political’ process & ‘local’ decisions. So no, I don’t care ‘who’ or what you are, ‘involved’ Buskers or Council Officials stay away from me, I’m not interested in your ‘false’ morality, nor ‘vain’ rules!.

      On the question of your ‘right-hand’ men ( & women ) i.e. ‘campaigners’ in arms, that ”actually frequent places that I tend to busk in such as eg. Stratford upon Avon, I state ‘now’ loud & clear, don’t ever speak to me, don’t come near me unless its to ‘swap’ over spots in line with the ‘genuine’ rational busking practices to be found in that town.

      Bytheway if you do not like the code in places like this, I personally don’t give a damn, do as you will, have it out with the ‘local’ Buskers & authorities but I tell you this what goes around, comes around!

      And finally if any one of you ever think of ‘troubling’ me, intimidating me etc then my ‘response’ will be to further teach you a lesson, yeah teach you a ‘serious’ lesson about bullying you’ll never forget. The bottom line is, somebody like your ‘friend’ Scott, will be going to prison!.

      • * The ‘Ideal’ Busking Constitution!

        The ‘conditions’ have changed of recent in many places across the UK, take Birmingham ( my home town ) where over the last few years, where there were perhaps once 2 or 3 Buskers performing in a city-centre ‘area’ like New Street, today there can be several ( many more! ) Street Performers. I last counted 4 Statutes & 8 Acts as I strolled through this zone, not including the 3 Brass Bands that ‘crop’ up intermittantly in that part of town.

        This is the ‘new’ cultural milieu, the that ‘truly’ reflects the Street Performing heart & soul of the city ( not Walker & his tribe! ) & yes performance ‘standards’ are seriously improved ( Nb. this new socio economic phenomenon is not necessarily a bad thing, a place can be ‘renewed’ & enriched by such a process! ).

        Wonderfully everyone gets on too, ( the likes of me, ‘new’ Romanian Gypsies, some old school Black Buskers, a ‘few’ acoustic singers ) busy & successfully sorting themselves out without the ‘help’ of the local Council nor ‘interference’ of self-proclaimed street Messiah Jonny Walker.

        Yes relations at present are fruitful ( largely due to the ‘presence’ & inclusion of the ‘right’ kind of personalities! ), & long may they be so, & dare I say it long-lasting! – especially now ‘some’ have managed to bring to the surface, identify, bring to account & ‘tame’ one or two of the rogues of the street!.

        As we now enter a very interesting ‘future’ phase (given the ‘reality’ of much current affairs, a ‘parallel’ universe! ) the signs are promising, indeed good, the ‘conditons’ now ripe for the ‘ideal’ political constitution i.e. ‘benevolant’ anarchism ( spontaneously created! )

        • * Xmas Prologue

          In the meantime its Xmas & I’m having lots of fun what with the seasonal merriment approaching its climax & being ‘out’ entertaining folks playing ‘christmas’ tunes n’ everything.

          Also very excited about the week ahead, I’m off to London hopefully to busk on the Southbank via Tooting. Incredibly ‘spots’ are available in this location at this time of year, apparantly there are a ‘few’ local Buskers who’ve decided to take a rest over the ‘public’ holiday.

          Some I hear planning a period of ‘recuperation’ over the next few months & stretching right into the new year. A brief sojourn in the local health spa, Sanitorium, no doubt. Buskings a ‘hard’, tough, stressful job, did’nt you know that! ( *Nb this is a rhetorical question bytheway, no ‘straight’ honest answer required! )

          • * New Years Resolution

            What we need is a whole ‘new’ way of doing politics!

          • * Note

            Its now Summer 2017 & boy does time fly but anyways heres an ‘update’ eg. Scott See. above ( not Mr but post-brexit now ‘Monseiur’ ! ) I understand is currently going under the pseudonym ‘Tony Bandacoot ‘( in fact from ‘underground sources I hear he may have changed his first name i.e to Jack ! )

          • I’m also led to believe that he’s also since re-married apparantly 8 or 9 months ago & is now happily ‘honeymooning’ somewhere in the South of France, or at least south of l’Orleans.

          • Well thats what they tell me !.

          • ( * Apparantly its ‘true’ Scott today is a changed or ‘new’ man. He’s even taken time away from the Bob Dylan covers & from what I hear has taken to doing Elvis Impersonations instead.

            Eg. ” Don’t ” by Elvis Presley on Youtube.

            Taking a leaf out of the ole ‘swingers’ book he now ‘feels’ a song words more rather than just ‘acting’ them out on the streets & on his return from ‘warmer’ climbs i.e. his ‘holidays’ ( honeymoon ! ) in the South of France intends to visit London for ole school style evening ‘adult’ education classes incl. a Guardian Masterclass in ‘lyric’ writing ).

          • ( * See. Romford ‘Blogs’ ( cont.. ) yeah back to this little Essex town not exactly ‘hicksville’ but to many a Southern English ‘backwater’ for ‘further’ comments’ & where us common ‘street’ performers are having just that at present i.e. a ‘romp’ ! )

          • ( * See. Bath Blogs – at a later point check out ‘comments’ under these blog incl conducting your own ‘research’ on the various buskers ‘profiles’ – ‘identities’ constantly changing’ & ‘names’ seemingly forever stolen ! – that pertain to this ‘historic’ place or should I say past Anglon/Roman ‘fortress’. Impt if you are to work out ( ‘decipher’ ) the ‘underlying’ irony(s’) or meanings of the ‘spoof’ comments contained under this particular Blog )

          • Yeah to more fully understand these ‘essentially’ spoof comments best practice to read them in the context of the various associated Buskers timed & dated ‘Twitter’ sites or in the case of one ‘handsome’ chap ( or more correctly ‘chappies’ ! ) from Bath Facebook page ( tho what with their frustrating array of ‘pseudonyms’, if & only if, you can actually name & ‘find’ it ? )

          • Very easy to ‘spot’ tho once you do manage to locate them, & besides a ‘street’ act what a pair of happy clappy campers they make too ! )

          • Love on the streets ? Love or hate whats the difference ?, I say. The same goes for local authority attacks on popular cultural practices like busking & in turn ‘buskers’ attacks on themselves.

            Now many a wise man ( or fool ! ) has said ‘ Love conquers all ‘, well I know as recorded ‘historical’ fact that Hitler uttered the words quite openly that ‘he’ wd have had the likes of Ghandi shot !.

            Tony Scott, Esther Turner & Demi Marriner now theres a ‘love’ triangle for you, a cruise in Bermuda with a full on 5 piece London ‘function’ band for those of ‘you’ ( without honest ‘ulterior’ motives of course ! ) who wd like to join in. )

          • ( See. York Minster Blog when you’ve got a mintute & finished perusing the rest of this website, for further comments & some more perhaps ‘uncomfortable’ universal human truths )

          • Eg. I’ve directly spoken or ‘hinted’ at this elsewhere but I do think its worth concluding that I do see myself in a sense as belonging to a loose ‘cultural’ formation of Buskers across the country. And its ‘true’ ( or realistic enough ) that some Buskers, in certain regions of the country, in a few ‘pockets’ or towns, do find each other & get to know each other well, or at least a lot more than others. However they do not represent a ‘community’ , no not by any means or strech of the ‘imagination’ ( not that one in ‘reality’ is actually ‘needed’ or desirable ! ). Nor is getting to know such ‘circles’ ( incl. various friendships gps ) necessarily desirable nor actually joining them ‘wise’ ! ).

          • Well these seem to be ‘uncomfortable’ truths for some eg. those with a more ‘poltical’ bent, plus a sense of the absolute, perhaps with a natural sense of leadership & certainly a penchant for ‘miracles’ ).

          • Hisorically speaking ‘types’, people or ‘folk’ like Mahatma Ghandi the Indian Fakir springs to mind ).

          • You know, I say it once more, the ‘guy’ who Hitler is on record as saying he wd have had ” shot ! ” )

          • Not that ‘he’ has ( or had ! ) ‘the right’ to take anyone elses life ).

          • The height of ‘ego’ that, of arrogance, tho’ of course in many ‘serious’ ways ‘human’ & without perusing deeply the subject entirely ‘natural’ ? ).

          • All ’emotions’ incl. both love & hate etc have their place in this world, the key to life & ‘balance’ is ‘justice’ ( along with its corollary ‘value’ eg. ‘virtuous’ restraint ! )

          • Tho’ their is also such a thing in this ‘life’ i.e. a rational ‘opposite’. Its called the ‘virtuous’ release !.

          • Its all down to how you use it, how you ‘express’ it & in what ‘context’ & to what extent !.

          • & in the ‘human’ sense you don’t ‘Sin’ !.

  • Charletons, Snake Oil Salesmen, Ghandi’s of The Street & Other ‘Special’ People ( or On Love, Hate & Other Natural Human Emotions )

    You know you’ve got to beware the ‘special’ spiritual people of this world forever proclaiming ‘Love’ as the only way ( See. The Ghandis’ of this world ) & to the ‘false’ exclusion of other quite ‘natural’ human emotions, yes some pretty ‘negative’ incl. hate, anger etc but as ‘mentioned’ above very much having a both ‘wise’ & practical place in life, ‘real’ human life & affairs that is.

    The ‘denial’ of real emotions such as ‘hate’ ( or say ‘violence’ which in reality becomes quite severely in some cases ‘repressed’ as an aberrant psychological energy in such people ) serves in itself, not as a ‘quality’ in this instance but as a form of ‘human’ arrogance ( see. above where I speak of ‘ego’ & arrogance in relation to injustice & intemperate behaviour ). Of course its this very ‘contrariness’ that serves as a kind of ‘self-serving’ rhetoric devised to create ‘specialness’ ( that ‘special’ aura of percieved ‘spirituality’ ) around the ‘egotistical’ Self & with it the kind of ‘devotional’ fervour that often ‘blindly’ follows such like.

    Don’t be fooled by such ‘human’ pretence nor contrived ‘profundity’ or apparant ‘spiritualness’ either. You know ‘specialness’ of this kind in a ‘human’ sort is merely a ‘sign’ ( vivid ’emotional’ signal if you ‘pick it up’ or ‘allow’ yourself to ‘openly’ sense it ) of the presence of an ‘inauthentic’ individual i.e. the Fake ( or as some might call ’em male or indeed female ‘Flake’ !. ).

    Be warned some of the most ‘ready’ exponents of such ’emotional’ or auto-spiritual display in my experience have turned out to be some of the most ‘evil’ people I’ve known. So yes Beware !.

    • Note(s)

      I repeat beware of the Charleton, SnakeOil Salesman, Ghandis’ of the Street, or The Fake otherwise known as ‘Flake’. Plus in both their ‘male’ & ‘female’ guises, they ‘do’ come as both. All of them may ‘carry’ that ‘aura’ of human specialness i.e. profound spirituality that they tend to wear on their sleeves, if indeed they where a ‘shirt’ at all, nor shoes, nor trousers as such i.e. just a gown ( tho’ sometimes ‘shorts’ i.e. safari type shorts ), ‘cheap’ sandals & a stick ( or if not they gesture their hands constantly in the air as if carrying or waving a stick ! ) their usual attire.

      • Further Note(s)

        The ‘female’ variety are known to wear shorts also ( funnily enough of the ‘safari’ type ) along with halterneck ( strapless back ) & bare summer sandals. Many of them you’ll see carrying an ‘acoustic’ guitar on their back, strapped over loosely ‘Mariachi’ Bandito style, they may have ‘existential’ bobbed hair, & walk with a ‘lazy’ late Summer gait.

        • [ * See. Chester ‘KSL’ Blog for ‘further ‘ related comment ]

          • [ Where once more I advocate avoidance of ‘earthly’ Sin eg. Puritanism. Healthy ‘human’ joys & pursuits tho’ very much allowed if not actively ‘encouraged’ ]

          • [ So all you happy readers out there ” read on ! ” ]

          • [ The rest of you unhappy flock continue onto the ‘York Minister’ Blog to confront your ‘demons’ & if not smile then ‘wane’ ]

          • Taking all ‘fellow’ consorts & travellers with you, perhaps picking them up from other towns & ‘places’ on the way ]

          • [ * See. York ‘Minster’ Blog comments ]

  • A Meditation On Buskers Ethics ( eg. ‘Evil’ v Depression )

    The only ‘good’ think I’ve seen ( ‘witnessed’ ) in Ghandi philosophy & its ‘variant’ ‘posturing’ ( i.e. the context – many ‘Flakes’ I’ve known do seem to have an ‘affinity’ with practices ‘like’ Yoga as do the ‘Lazy’ ! ) is its common use of ‘fasting’ as a ritual ( faux ‘relgious’ its context but increasingly becoming touted as a ‘health’ tool by contemporary scientists ! ).

    Recent science ( & experimental’ Psychology ) does show in ‘tests’ ( & ‘human’ trials ) that ‘intermittent’ fasting can have a great curative effect on ‘Depression’. I personally ‘testify’ ( & I’m not a ‘natural’ depressive & this despite my more ‘poetic’ or feeling tendencies’ ) that ‘I’ have ‘fasted’ by ‘default’ i.e. when ‘withdrawn’, thinking alot, ‘feeling’ alot & not ‘eaten’ all day & the ‘results’ have been amazing.

    Eg. Over the last 4 or 5 weeks I’ve lost over 12 ibs in weight which is ‘excellent’ when compared to the usual weight loss ‘ratio’ of 2Ibs per week per drop in 500 calories via ‘diet’. Yes & I feel ‘super’ great obviously some of this ‘affect’ due to the effects of ‘fasting’ alone !.

    Never confuse ‘evil’ & its responsibilities ( & accountabilites ! ) with Depression. Because not only to a significant extent is there a ‘self’ fulfilling prophecy ‘ at work here for example 2. ‘Thought’ ( & its corollary freewill ! ) can break a bio/ cycle that has ultimately ‘physically’ laid waste a ‘depressed’ ( & faulty or ‘self’ harmfully thinking ) persons brain.

    So ‘one’ key to curing depression is ‘Talk’ Therapy eg. CBT or ‘Cognitive’ Brain Therapy ( tho’ not usual ‘counselling’ & then depending on the ‘personal’ condition i.e. ‘depressive’ causes can be ‘generalised’ but also do vary from person to person ). The ‘right’ therapy !.

    So to ‘grow’ the brain ( Nb. ‘regrowing’ the physiological’ deteriation of brain cells or the ‘nervous’ system via ‘right’ thinking is shown to ‘seriously’ help with Depression ) is the ‘rational’ way forward for a person feeling ‘stuck’, hopless & down.

    As does ProBiotic treatment i.e. introduction of ‘gut’ bacteria into the ‘stomach’ region can help rebalance ‘body’ chemistry at a ‘deep’ level. As does ‘special’ Diet See. Apples & also The ‘famous’ Medittereanean Diet eg. The Monks Of Athos ( some of the ‘longest’ liveing folk on the planet & mainly ‘due’ it seems to their sunny Greek ‘diet’ ). Throw in some actual ‘physical’ excercise ( not just Yoga ! ) & he heh presto ‘miracles’ with ‘mind’, body & spirit can occur.

    What may also help is the ‘concept’ that the ‘brain’ may indeed be the ‘body’ & visa versa & that ‘all’ are interlinked & when ‘healthy’ linked in ‘harmony’. See. ‘Natural’ Justice ( * tho’ this ‘idea’ is not so scientifically proven but then neither is the common ‘other’ idea to do with ‘spirit’ etc. I personally think both ‘notions’ are possibly wrong, & the ‘truth’ possibly lies somewhere else ! ).

    Ok so there you have it ( above ) the most recent ‘scientific’ ( what else have we honestly got ? ) approaches to curing human ‘depression’. In the ‘future’ we’ll be performing brain ‘bio-opsies’ of course & in ‘routine’ fashion ( & on the NHS hopfully within the next 200 years when world ‘poverty’ is finally cracked, well at ‘objective’ current ‘economic’ rates anyway ! ).

    But importantly still remember, despite the ‘optimism’ relayed here & most importantly despite your many ‘ailments’, psychological episodes & such like, in ‘most’ circumstances you’re still ‘humanly’ accountable for your ‘actions’ & most importantly your ‘Ego’s’.

    ( Nb. Tho’ good research is going on here & the understanding of ‘Psychopathology’ is improving every day & its management, if not some ‘inroads’ or ‘insights’ into its final cure ).

    • * Note (s)

      Some ‘thoughts’ & reflections on ‘listening’ one late August ‘afternoon’, to Jeremy Vines programme on Radio 2 i.e. a discussion on ‘Depression’ & recent research breakthroughs ( &/or ‘medical’ approaches ) in Science.

      • * Further Note (s)

        Now moving from ‘medical’ ethics & the ‘future’ to the ‘politics’ of everyday life & ‘today’ back to the ‘2nd’ eg. Romford ‘2’ Blog & the ‘various’ comments ( some of it ‘topical’ if extremely ‘satirical’ ! ) found underneath there.

        • * Further Note (s) [ Edit ]

          Now moving from ‘medical’ ethics & the ‘future’ to the ‘politics’ of everyday life & ‘today’ back to the ‘2nd’ eg. Romford ‘2’ Blog & the ‘various’ comments ( some of it ‘topical’ if [ not ] extremely ‘satirical’ ! ) found underneath there.

          • * Notice To The Editor ( or should I say temporal ‘nominal’ one ! )

            I am 100% against censorship of any sorts ( well ok 99.9% against ) & anything I say, even if a tad ‘controversial’ on the surface, well esp. so, I reiterate its with ‘serious’ undertones. However if any language I use is deemed ‘offensive’ in certain circumstances eg. too ‘offensive’ for minors, then I leave it to ‘objective’ Editorial discretion to ‘no’t necessarily ‘remove’ but change it.

            Of course I’ve long realised that much of what I have to say on this website is bound to attract ( indeed does ‘attract’ ) the kind of readership one might deem composed of a population of Adults with the mentality of a 6 year old. In this case if ‘I’ do err with my ‘language’ level ( register ) please feel free to ‘adjust’ it accordingly eg. the term ‘lolipop’ might suffice as a ‘substitute’ term in some gramatical instances. Thankyou !.

          • PTO.

            I ‘hope’ this substute term or expression does not cross the, not accepted, but artistic boundaries of decency ‘or’ taste.

          • E.Q. that ‘statement’ will you ?.

          • ( Sorry, whats that you don’t understand ? E.Q. you stupid b…ch, EQ ! )

          • ( Have I finished yet ? Yes I’ve finished, I’ve said my piece ! )

          • ( Want the ‘recorded’ version ? Here’s a ‘free’ copy ‘mixed’ & finally mastered – Adieu ! )

          • * Copyright Notice

            This ‘comment’ written & produced with the kind permission of ‘ AutoTune ‘ Inc.

  • The First Day In September ( or ‘Feel’ Good Fertiliser, Early ‘Morning’ Running & Fighting the ‘Evils’ of Back Pain )

    Its Friday no ‘not’ 13th but the 1st of Sept already, & the ‘Fall’ has if not ‘officially’ psychologically begun, despite the ‘promise’ of a late Indian Summer. Not a ‘season for ‘low’ spirits & downheartedness tho’ but time for some ‘extra’ feel good fertiliser ( to ‘plough’ the soil or more correctly ‘minds’ furrow ) at the start of this for ‘me’, the Buskers ‘new’ Term.

    My general ‘exercsie’ ( ‘diet’ ) regimen is now well underway ( ‘habituated’ & solidly established ) gaining ‘successes’ if not a ‘few’ surprises ( See. Above ). Thing is like as with all ‘good’ planning there comes a time ( i.e. time to time ! ) for ‘reflection’ & indeed sometimes ‘revision’. In my case over the last ‘few’ days I’ve thought about it & decided to ‘switch’ my ‘evening’ running to mornings, ‘suspend’ the HIIT, & continue on 3 days per week with the ‘callisthenics. The ‘Yoga’ can continue as a ‘night’ excercise & ‘relaxant’ before bedtime.

    The rationale is ‘complex’ yet simple here. Calisthenics is mainly a ‘body’ ( i.e. weighless ) ‘strength’ routine & I’ve found that ( at this ‘stage’ ie. 1st Phase ) overlapping my ‘strength’ ( & muscle building ) days with ‘supposed’ lighter ‘anerobic’ higher ‘repetition’ endurance HIIT is proving counter-productive as yet. At a ‘stage’ of development where I’m still building my ‘basic’ foundational strengths.

    In other words I do a ‘heavy’ chest excercise on the Sunday ( callisthenics ) & on the Monday the same chest area is being ‘hit’ again ( HIIT ) therefore ‘draining’ my energy & ‘actual’ muscle/ power growth in that body zone. I need to ‘delay’ HIIT ( great for ‘fat’ burning ) until I’m doing alot ‘heavier’ exercise moves on the ‘strength’ day, then ‘reintroduce’ the ‘increased’ rep anerobics during a ‘planned’ later 2nd phase.

    HIIT if done in a ‘circuit’ ( eg. x 3 rounds of 6 or 7 ‘light’ fast paced body excercises ) has some ‘aerobic’ benefits too, so to ‘substitute’ for that ‘effect’ I’ve moved my ‘runs’ to ‘early’ morning increasing them from x 2 to x 3 per week. The problem hear of course what with the ‘heavier’ pounding of the ‘streets’ ( or concrete pavement ) is the highly ‘common’ ailment ‘back’ pain ( a ‘real’ condition tho’ of course it can be ‘imagined’ i.e. psychosomatic ! ).

    The ‘remedy’ tho is in this case a ‘simple’ one & very much ‘physcial’ i.e. no need for months if not ‘years’ wasted in psycho-therapy. I mention the ‘cure’ for a ‘loose’ Butt for example ( a ‘common’ complaint amongst ‘males’ not just ‘females ) See. Oxford ‘Letters’ Blog [ Below. ]. In the case of ‘bad’ backs its just a matter of ‘reversing’ this excercise movement or physically ‘acting’ out the converse body excercise by doing whats known in the trade ( the ‘Gym’ trade ! ) as eg. the ‘front ‘lateral’ back raise.

    In my case I use an excercise ( a multiple joint one ) called the ‘dead’ lift ( i.e. the ‘only’ weight excercise I perform ! ). This ‘miracle’ movement hits both the lower back, rear ‘delts’ ( upper arms ), calves, hamstrings & glutemus maximus body region. The ‘perfect’ combo’ excercise & totally, ‘miraculously’ curing ‘all’ back pain i.e. it literally disappears overnight or should I say a week, or week or two later i.e. nothings perfect.

    • * Note ( s )

      If all else fails with the above ‘advice’ ( i.e. not ‘all’ mine it includes the ‘collective’ wisdom of many others esp. YouTubers ) I’d then suggest not visiting your local ‘chiropractors’ but your ‘Doctors’ eg. GP. If a ‘woman’ you cd be ‘pregnant’ ( Nb. dependenant on your ‘circumstances’ in itself of course either a ‘good’ thing or ‘bad’ thing ! ).

      Anyway get ‘tested’ you know what with the ‘marvels’ that are technologiy & science these days they can even ‘detect’ ( & tell you ! ) if you’re having a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’. Of course you may well want to leave that ‘little’ detail till later as a ‘pleasant’ surprise also. Even more tellingly they ( medical professionals etc ) can also ‘dismiss’ any ‘Phantoms’ & false alarms as well. More common than you think in this ‘our’ modern age what with its ‘stresses’ & strains ( & ‘despite’ its many rewards & superlative wealth ! ).

      • * Further Note ( s )

        As for me & having just finshed my ‘morning’ ( not so ‘early’ ! ) run, I’m looking foward to the Winter eg. December ( January 1st even ) & my ‘first’ Muscle Up. I’m just hoping its not at the Gym in the YMCA or worst still Prison excercise yard. Yeah got to get a move on !.

        • * A Few More Note ( s )

          Gosh !, all this talk ( ‘inner’ ) about goals, planning, excercise ‘stages’ & so on has got me thinking about how ‘my’ Prison Release Campaign wd go if I ever ‘poltically’ ( rather than practically ! ) ended up in one. Thats is its ‘national’ ( possibly ‘international’ ? ), regional & ‘local’ phases incl. the ‘details’ of my particular ‘detention’ & my release. Now theres a busking ‘metaphor’ ( thought ) for you.

  • Playground Songs Eg. ” 2nd Year School Girls ” by Post School Band Stigma ( or On Being 16, Legal Limits, Puberty & Sex )

    The ‘legal’ age of ‘consent’ for sex betwixt ‘male’ & ‘female’ we ‘all’ know is 16. They don’t necessarily teach this in Biology at school but thru’ rumor, the playground &/or the grapevine we all soon learn that ‘puperty’ starts a few years before in some instances a relatively long time before ( or should I say if not ‘puberty’ or if not quite ‘lust’, the curiosity ! ).

    Mine began at about the age of 8, no actually before that it must have been 4 or 5 years old. But before talking ( ‘commenting’ ) on that particular ‘topic’ lets leap ahead a little in time to say 12 or 13 yrs old. At Secondary school as a ‘boy’ you soon got to know who the ‘female’ players ( sexually ‘active’ yg women ! ) were ( mens school sexual behaviours back then was’nt even a ‘talking’ point, well not directly ! ). I remember gathered in a ‘small’ eager crowd around ‘ D….e ‘ Woodward ( I won’t in respect relate here full name here, I do in many ways ‘respect’ women like this ! ) yes thats it, in the ‘biology’ lab while she ‘explicitly’ described ( told the’whole’ story ) about how she had ‘sex’ in ‘ the Bunker ‘ ( an ‘old’ air raid shelter situated in the local city/suburban ‘green’ belt nr her ‘estate’ ) with a guy then in the 5th year.

    Its funny even then ( perhaps a ‘sign’ of my own arrested development ) how rather than excitement or turn-on my instant emotional response was ‘anxiety’ & slight recoil on listening to her bawdy tale. That fairly common sight back then of a younger ‘female’ being picked up at the ‘school gates’ in a car by an ‘older’ man ( not that old eg. 18,19,20,21 ) did’nt arouse ‘envy’ in me as such, rather a strange, sickly, nauseating feeling of ‘corruption’ & disgust. The same feeling I always get when I think of eg. Teacher/ pupil relationships, Boss/ staff member, Pop Band/ Groupie ones too.

    Recalling even earlier I remember at the age of 8, out on ‘scally’ adventures with the ‘gang’ ( a few of us 3 or 4 we ‘travelled’ in small packs back then ! ) in Runcorn New Town ( Liverpools ‘model’ 1970’s overspill development ) & reaching Moore ( a ‘satellite’ tho’ posh Cheshire town/ village ) to take a look around & then ‘search’ for the girls. Not to ‘rape’ them or any other horrific suchlikes but waiting for the ‘older’ girls ( gosh they appeared like ‘adults’ back then ) eg. 12, 13 year olds ( 2 o 3 yrs older than us ) who willingly rushed to meet us on discovering we were in town ( us ‘exotic’ band of warrior adventurers ).

    Going back even further in the ‘imagination’ to my very first experiences of anything close to, if not sex, the ‘sexual’ I’m imagining now ( not gratuitously ! ) the ‘stripshows’ round the back of the ‘primary’ school sheds carried out by the yg girl aged 4 or 5 that I stumbled on at the tender age of 5 or was it actually 4 yrs old myself. Again it was enthusiastic 6 or 7 years olds not ‘dirty’ ole men that comprised the audience, she appeared to be enjoying ( ‘loving’ ) all the attention too i.e. laughing & ‘joking’ with the yg ( ‘teeny’ ) guys.

    When I’d finally left school i.e. secondary school ( learning is a life long activity, well for many ‘it’ can be ! ) I’d say it was most definitely with my own brand of if not ‘arrested’ sexual development if not ‘arrested’ one fairly seriously ‘impaired’ [ Nb. at age 15 I went thru one of the most ‘humiliating’ experiences of my life when my Mom discovering a ‘noddie’ mag ( found in the ‘local’ fields ! ) hidden under my bed i.e. in a ‘slit’ in the bedframe along with various other ‘stolen’ implements eg. a ‘cut’ throat razor taken from the school biology lab ].

    By the time of 16, 17, 18 years old ( & having been first suspended & then ‘expelled’ from school after an altercation with the ‘school’ psychopath, then a ‘mate’ of mine, then a further alteration or ‘fight’ with another one, in this case ‘not a friend a week or so later ) my obsession with ‘rock’ guitar solos eg. ACDC, The Scorpians, UFO was over ( it had ‘waned’ ) & I was well into the John Peel sounds of ‘progressive’ punk plus then ‘contemporary’ dub or reggae.

    I can vividly recall ( ‘hear’ ) them now, ‘rehearsing’ in the local community centre by Handsworth Park ( over the road from my ‘flat’ I’d also been ‘kicked’ out of the house back then by my Father ) practising their ‘new’ song ( a ‘poltical’ one ! ), yes the local post 16 school band called Stigma singing the latest song on their ‘growing’ set list eg. ” 2nd Year Schoolgirls ”.

    • ( *See. ” 2nd Year School Girls ” by Stigma i.e. various ‘extracts’ incl. personal ‘recollections’ from my ‘Diary’/Journal 2017 )

  • Life Studies For Buskers ( Or Should I Say for ‘Me’ As a Busker, Plus The ‘good’ that is Science & esp. ‘Chemistry’ )

    You know you can spend your life trying to ‘relive’ your childhood, recpature that ‘vital’, if not ‘youth’, say ‘romance’. These day’s as a Busker I don’t have people ( eg. women yg or ‘old’ ! ) throwing themselves at my feet like some ‘Demi-God’ tho. But I say there is an ‘alternative’ to this common unfortunate ‘life’ predicament, as a ‘viable’ one to Old Testament Myth.

    They say pop Singer Mick Hucknall slept with ( had ‘right’ on full on sex with ! ) with 3000 women, yes that little goatskin with ‘flame’ hair. Once more its said he achieved this almost ‘instantaneously’ i.e. no chat ( not even ‘foreplay’ ) necessary, just ‘Hi’ & into the hotel bed they both happily go. And I mean ‘straight’ away ( no prevarication, no ‘ifs’ or buts ! )

    I can well believe it ( in fact secretly I know its true ) I know the phenomenon well & the ole wise ‘adage’ about ‘power’ being the most potent of ‘aphrodisiacs’. Of course don’t be completely fooled here, by this ‘pearl’ of wisdom, no it does’nt apply to all women & I hear ‘many’ womenfolk ( ‘imaginary’ ! ) shouting, some angrily, from all corners of the aisles. No need to shout I retort, I guardedly know this to be true also !

    Yes ‘status’ pulls, it certainly does & in every town, city or country in the world & known universe as well. In eg. Tokyo, London, Paris or Rome ‘statistically’ theres at least 1 or 2 or 3 women sitting alone ( granted not necessarily ‘single’ ! ) in a ‘hotel’ lobby somewhere, who at the apparant ‘magic’ push of a switch i.e. the ‘simple’ smell ( ‘economic’ pheroneme ) of big money, & a ‘man’ walking up to them, will not just spring up to the floor but into his bed. I mean immediately !.

    But no, the ‘sample’ 3000 touted above, of essentially God worshippers, does not to be fair represent ‘all’ women. No., to over ‘represent’ these figures wd be to not only ‘over’ generalise but to ‘steretype’ ( Nb. ‘cognitively’ an ‘error’ we generally need to not make ). No more ‘facually’ based ( in accordance with the ‘facts’ of my life ! ) what I’ve found in in line with ‘life’ ( experience ! ) & in my own ‘few’ field experiments, & contrary to some ‘folks’ expectations ( many ‘men’ I’ve known ) is that where ‘status’ fails ( a damp squib for ‘me’ these days ) ‘chemistry’ wins & I mean ‘big’ time & potentially every day.

    Ok ‘personality’ is never enough alone to sustain a ‘long’ term relationship; no moreover you need plenty of cash & a ‘big’ bank balance for that these days. But thats not what I’m talking about here, & nor am I the kind of ‘heavy’ relationship many deem so necessarily desirable. What I’m refering to, as I do elsehwere ( See. York ‘Minister’ Blog comments below ) is the ablility to form not ‘predatory’, uitility sexual relations, ( i.e. unwisely & immoraly in place of conventional ‘love’ ) but rather healthy ‘ludic’ relationships & these by their very defintion being ‘not’ permanent. ( * See York Minster Blog )

    Grown up, ‘adult’ fun & combined with full on joy, laughter & above all ‘feeling’ is what I’m talking about here ( no need to abandon that ‘vital’ ingredient, you know many do in their short-term relations, & pay the ‘price’ ! ).. Whats required here is not to switch off ‘higher’ emotion & utilitarian fashion go for ‘sex’ & its many ‘advantages. No in the relatively ‘non-status’ context I speak of here. The quality above all else required is not artifical ‘status’ but rather ‘natural’ chemistry’, which in turn can be ‘controlled’ & switched on/ off at will.

    Yes Chemistry perhaps enhanced by ‘confidence’, communication, ‘flirtation’ skills etc but alone at ‘source’ nevertheless that ‘mysterious’ ingredient ‘chemistry’. It is a ‘mystery’ chemistry & therefore not entirely straightforward & it it take some ‘trial’ & error to work its ‘magic’ thru’ incl. for a ‘male’ the abiltiy to handle ‘rejection’ ( Nb. I’m so used to this, believe me its water under the bridge ! ).

    But work it does, & with almost ‘magical’ results. I find the ‘method’ far surpasses Mick Hucknalls ( faux ‘divine’ meet & ‘bonk’ approach ). In the sense that whilst you can’t ensure a long-term relationship via this ‘process’, you can more easily continue the ‘meet’ for longer than an afternoon tour of the bedroom, should you wish to ( esp. i.e. on the ’emotional’ level ! ).

    Again genuine ‘natural’ chemistry is moreover more ’emotionally’ compatible with being a ‘human’ being rather than ‘lump’ of meat. I don’t for example watch ‘Porn’ for this reason i.e. not prudery, not cerebrality, not the ‘turn-off’ ( oh yes it can turn you on, ‘good’ …. material etc ) but for ‘poltical’ reasons & out of ‘sheer’ ( learned ) awareness of the ‘dehumanising’ effects of this gradient level of ‘active’ ‘objectivication’

    See. First line of an ex girlfriends poem I once picked up & read her unknowing it & I empasise not about me.

    eg. ” There goes the screech of murderous violins again, that if this were a film, as last nights pick-up lay crumpled up on the bed like used tissue…….. ”.

    Yes I know say no more, ‘You’ get the the drift ( you know the ‘score’ ! ).

    • [ *See. ‘various’ notes from my personal Diary/ Journal 2017 ]

      • [ Edit or ‘*Rewrite! ‘ ]

        ” There go the ‘violinists’ murdering their strings again, that is if this were a film. Last nights ‘pick-up’ lay crumpled up on the bed like used tissue. ”

        ( The Poem with no name by an Ex Girlfriend of mine )

  • Life Studies 2. For Buskers ( Or Should I say For Me As A Busker & The ‘good’ that is Social Science eg. Economics )

    Ok we now are ‘all’ more fully aware of the natural ‘human’ organic ‘pull’ that is ‘personal’ Chemistry begging the ‘next’ question well then how does one as a matter of ‘interest’ acquire ‘Status’ ?

    The answer is pretty simple & based on the most ‘foundational’ of economics, ‘market’ Capitalist that is, & thats it ‘via’ market forces predomonantly.

    Eg. Unless you are a particularly ‘highly’ skilled individual, a very efficient ‘independant’ producer of some sort & can command a ‘seriously’ high price for your product ( some can, many find they can’t ! ) on not necessarily the ‘open’ market but in fairly closed ‘private’ auction houses & the like, then you’re only ‘option’ for acquiring ‘serious’ Status ( i.e. ‘material’ ) is to ‘mass’ produce a load of ‘relative’ rubbish & then ‘offload’ this produce again onto the ‘mass’ market but in this instance cheaply Well this is the ‘general’ principle, ‘variations’ of course do exist. but again where the ‘do’, they do apply to all areas of economic ‘activity’ & means of livelihood. ( * Nb. It is entirely possible to alternatively offload ‘rough’ goods directly onto the ‘street’ ! ).

    Anyway as you can see ‘Status’ under our current ‘economic’ system & it ‘corollary’ value is largely determined by the ‘market’ place i.e. ‘who’ buys what & at what price & under what ‘conditions’ ( e.g. full education, partial education, practially ‘illiterate’, ‘outright’ educationally subnormal i.e. a ‘full-on’ no-nonsense idiot ) & not necessarily any ‘objective’ moral scruple or criteria whatsoever.

    Yes meaning ‘life’ can be unfair ( very ‘unfair’ ! ) & often favouring the ‘talentless’ goon over the more ‘intelligent’ & indeed ‘conscientous individual, nevermind ‘feeling’, kind & compassionate one ( or Being ! ).

    But of course we ‘all’ know this don’t we ( we ‘all’ know the ‘score’ ! ).

    • [ * See. ‘various’ notes from my Diary/ Journal 2017 ]

      • * Note ( s )

        Of course one of the most ‘insidious’ forms of accumulating ‘value’ & essentially ‘mining’ ( ‘processing’ ) Status like ‘raw’ diamonds is to ( some might say rather ‘deviously’, if not greedily or selfishly ! ) take that which is already ‘free’ & magically transform it somehow or someway into a ‘saleable’ commodity.

        This is a ‘pique’ economic trend of the neo-liberal 21st century post internet/ publishing revolution. With those in a ‘position’ to do so ( i.e. already ‘powerful’ & therefore wealthy ! ) astutely, or cleverly ( some wd say cunningly ! ) making ‘serious’ profits out of ‘key’ ( & otherwise freely accessible ) areas of culture ranging from all types of practical ‘education’ to areas of music ‘socialisation’ & ‘communal’ transmission.

        And as for this most often ‘hidden’ ( or at least ‘obscured’ or cleverly disguised ) of ends i.e. selling that on the ‘market’ which is available for ‘free’ ( if you were to take care & look ! ) its practice rolls on almost unchecked ( i.e. ‘unhindered’ ). Ok albeit some ‘perfunctory’ questioning by the press i.e. an ‘intervew’ tantamount to ‘full-on’ endorsement with the ‘merchandiser’, this what can I say, how can I describe it, often showbiz-like ruse or con ( i.e. coldly, reptillianly ‘selling’ us something that is ‘essentially’ free like ‘snow’ to the Eskimo’s ) remains at its most blackly, comically pervasive.

        Raising the Q. when will it, such ‘insiduous’, rip off practice, such predatory ‘leeching’, pawning of the ‘communal’ mastermind, draining of the ‘trans’ cultural collective human spirit I put it to you, openly & freely in the public arena, come to an end ?.

        • ( *See. the various ‘streaming’ sites, e-books you name it, open[ly] for sale & covering subjects & topics that with a bit of ‘research’ & legwork you can obtain entirely for ‘free’. I’m not a Christian – non – religious – for example but a walk down my local Church & I can ‘pick’ up all sorts of e.g. ‘spiritual’ paraphenalia & literature free of charge. )

          • Down on your luck, got no money, drugs problems, relationship problems even for an ‘atheist’ this can be the place to go. Go to the ‘right’ Church & you can pick up ‘info’ if needs be without pressure nor ‘fear’ !. )

          • Don’t let some ‘commercial’ huckster persuade you that you must ‘buy’ info from him ( & for not a ‘small’ fee ! ) when you can get it for ‘free’ & with relatively little trouble by attending a ‘course’ * where you may ‘meet’ likeminded people ( itself a form of ‘therapy’ & release ). Unless of course he’s giving the proceeds of ‘his’ book away ( having ‘covered’ the costs ) entirely for ‘free’ ) & you can ‘share’ that for ‘free’ with ‘your’ small ‘circle’ of friends. )

          • Time to give up e.g Smoking ? )

          • There is an another way both naturally ‘human’ & entirely free ( tho if it is true that everything on this earth does have a price, in this case its e.g. your Ego ) }

          • Yes I can hear your recalcitrant cries but you know no method is entirely devoid of ‘pain’ }}

          • [ * Written with at least some reference to ‘ The 12 Steps Programme ‘ which ‘minus’ the God ‘element’ shd be made ‘freely’ available via the ‘ Welfare State ‘ ( i.e. DWP @ Jobcentre ‘referals’ ). Before some ‘bright’ spark spots a ‘gap’ in the market, writes a ‘book’ about it, & charges £ 20 (not ‘incl’ P&P ) for the service. ]

  • Life Studies3.For Buskers ( Or Should I say this Time for ‘All’ Of us As Buskers & the ‘good’ that is Life Itself & ‘Time’ )

    The ‘truth’ is there comes a point when the clock hands ticking simply ‘stops’ ( End of ! ).

    Time the ‘great’ healer, time the thief, time lifes embalmer & ‘sacred’ Sage. Who really can say that they really know time, no one knows time & yet we know it all to well, yes ‘really’ well. The HandMaiden of time.

    Why rush a ‘ticking’ clock thats bound to come sooner or later either ‘before’, about right on or in some ‘cases’ I note after ‘our’ time ( our ‘deaths’ long overdue ! ). Yes living on ‘borrowed’ time the fate of the minions.

    I’ve just been mediating on my Uncle Carls Death at the tender age of somwhere in his late 50’s & only a ‘few’ years back. Yes ex Police Officer, Runcorn Police, out of the blue a ‘brain’ tumour. My Dads younger brother, wd have been the ‘youngest’ if it were’nt for my Uncle Ian ( Nb. 5 years younger then me & who my Nan bore late in life eg. in her 40’s so as to ‘keep’ me company no doubt * I lived with my Grandparents during my ‘early’ years eg. 3 – 12 yrs old ).

    My Uncle John I now recall to, been some time since I remembered him ( & yes fondly ! ). Rugby player he was, I remember being taken every Saturday by my Aunt Ann ( Dads #eldest Sister ) to the rugby way into Johns late 40’s when he ‘appeared’ in the Vikings team & before becoming a ‘referee’. Yes he’s sadly missed, again he died of a tumor.

    My Grandfather the same ‘cancer’ took him. A ‘model’ for dying & despite him being a vowed ‘atheist’, relatively no ‘fear’, death for him just like going to sleep. He died in ‘pain’ tho, a long painful illness, months spent ‘dying’ in a local hostpice, tho’ my Dad said ( I was’nt there to witness ) as he finally passed away, a ‘smile’ appeared on his face ( usually an ‘agonised’ grimace ) as he spoke my Nans name ‘Peg’ ( her pet name, her ‘real’ name being Ann too ). They’d met during the War, did well to ‘survive’ it, my Grandmother a ‘land’ girl posted down from up North to the Midlands.

    I cursed the time I was taken from my Grandparents ‘new’ home up North & back to Birmingham by my Father age 12. I did’nt go out for 9 months, to my Mothers chagrin just played outside kicking a ‘ball’ around alone at the side of the house. She never knew, if only she knew what I’d already known then, so much ‘felt’ & experienced prior to even my ‘teen’ years.

    You know I’d been on escapades to ‘mythical’ Scouser Island, I’d ‘hated’ & I’d loved literally fought hand to hand ‘battles’, wars even with brick, bottle & stone, ‘girls’ ( much older than me ) had ‘kissed’ me, run excitedly towards me & covered me in ‘garlands’ of red, yellow, white & green, I’d travelled to ‘grand’ stadiums that wd have been the ‘envy’ of Rome, stood on the top of ‘high’ steps & gazed out onto what felt like my throne. All too disapear in an instant like ‘tears’ in the August sun or was it the Autmnal rains ?. I now ‘reflect’ in hindsight that I’m possibly a very lucky man !.

    • [ * See. ‘various’ notes from my Diary/ Journal 2017 ]

      • * Note ( s )

        Now ‘broader’ more general human patterns spring to mind, & I’m searching for that ‘special’ something, nugget of ‘gold’, relentlessly ‘digging’, sieviing, for that one’ ‘idea’ that I can use in a ‘short-story#, or other such ‘prose’ & the language to match. Now theres the ‘rub’ !.

        • [ * See ‘various’ notes from my ‘Writers’ Workbook 2017 ]

          • * Further Notes ( s )

            Thats it ‘practice’ done, reading done I’m off out ‘busking ‘now despite the bleak early Sept weather. Jotted down a ‘few’ notes into my Diary/ Journal too such as the Q. Have you ever watched an unknown ‘performers’ ( local Buskers ‘tour’ colleague’s ) home vlog & left the computer screen wondering or should I say ‘feeling’ I don’t know that ‘person’ ? Why is that ? ( * See other comments below & then ‘follow’ the ‘link’ )

          • The ‘comment’ on ‘her’ Twitter feed ” I’m already something to someone that I don’t know ”.

          • * A Few More Notes ( An Epitaph )

            In memory of my Great Grandfather ( my Grandmothers ‘Father’ ) British Officer who ‘died’ a Prisoner of War on The Burma Railway during the second world war. Tribute’ to my Grandfathers ‘brother’ Uncle Albert who fought under Gen. Montgomery in N.Africa with the ‘Desert’ Rats & ‘survived’.

          • My Grandmothers still alive, albeit a touch ironically so, given she was the one ( ‘partner’ in the marriage ) who used to smoke. Tho’ she’s fully given up now, the one exception being the short phase she went to thru’ following my Grandfathers death ( ‘I’ for one can fogive her here for her short spell of cynicism ). Her ‘generation’ a ‘testament’ to the fact that ‘true’ knights in shining armour do ( once did ! ) exist & that there were ‘women’, somewhat like her, who deserved one.

          • ( *See. other ‘comments’ below & ‘follow’ the ‘link’. You now having paid hommage to this brief, tho not entirely ‘personal’ family tribute)

  • On Cosmic Transcendance ( or Don’t Be Fools & Delude Yourselves, All You’ve Got Are ‘Choices’ In The Now, Be Wise, Be Real And Make Them Good Ones )

    You know there really are ‘folk’ ( or should I say ‘Fools’ ) out there who really think they’re going to in some way ‘live’ forever. Either its to ‘heaven’ they ascend or looking forward ( & up ! ) into the night sky, its ‘supra’ cosmic transcendance that beckons eg. ‘eternity’.

    First some ‘science’ i.e. current ‘cosmogolgical’ theory suggests that whilst the universe beginning with the ‘big’ bang ( whatever that means, go research & find out, its ‘fascinating’ stuff ) does appear to ‘expand’ eternally outwards this does not necessarily mean that human ‘Being’ follows. Even ‘Modern’ German Philosopher Friedrich Nietszsche got this right, the great thinker who expounded on ‘mans’ will to power ( ‘growth’ ) as the general ‘principle’ coupled this ‘idea’ with a retraining ‘metaphor’ i.e. the ‘eternal’ recurrence.

    He explained this ‘spiritual’ ( growth ) principle this way, i.e. ‘imagine’ yourself, your life as eternally ‘repeated’, forever returning, then ask yourself the Q. How should one live ? Are you currently leading your best life ?. The emphasis here ‘being’ on ‘quality’ life, best ‘existence’ as a human beings natural prerequisite not merely existence. Its all about ‘choices’ in the now, the ‘real’ world, the here & the ‘concrete’ present.

    I’ve often asked myself in this ‘context’ why do say ‘pop’ performers in conversations, discussions always insist on calling themselves ‘muscian(s)’, They always decribe themselves in this fashion when in ‘reality’ they are not, i.e. they’re just that eg. ‘pop’ performers. Pop by nature is not even about ‘musicianship, its about ‘craft’ based creativity, qualities like ‘immediate’ gratification, pleasure, ‘colour’, hooks, emotional comfortableness, ease yes ‘all’ fine creative attributes but not e.g. Art.

    It makes me laugh when such ‘performers’ in all ‘seriousness’ ( & mistakenness ! ) then go on to talk about ‘specialisation’ as opposed to ‘generalisation’ in such ‘contexts’ as the ‘prime’ value. You know the whole ‘pop’ genre in itself ‘musically’ speaking is the ‘specialisation’ & therefore ‘value’ eg. the ‘session’ musician knowing a little funk, soul, rock, pop etc is not partaking in a ‘jack of all trades’ role as such, it in iteself & the ‘skills’ that go with it is ‘the’ specialisation. To simply focus on having ‘funk’ in your trick bag wd be artistically speaking ‘splitting’ hairs not ‘specialising’ & importantly as an Artist ‘not’ the ‘proper’ thing to do.

    This is where all the pop degree courses, conversion of ‘craft’ into academia etc goes ‘pretenciously’ wrong. It misses the point ( & new ‘contemporary’ vogue ) that ‘generalisation’ is in fact very ‘desirable’ as an Artist. If not how wd you ‘explain’ Leonardo Da Vinci eg. painter. inventor, engineer etc. The ‘Renaissance’ humanist ‘polymaths’ or better still later & musically speaking Mozart who was not just a ‘fine’ Pianist, but a ‘top’ Violinist too ( not ‘fiddle’ player ! ) as well as Composer & in all the ‘forms’ incl. Opera. Not only that he was a ‘top’ European Billiard Player to boot & by the age of 22 he was ‘dead’ by his mid 30’s.

    No, in the ‘creative’ human sense ‘generalisation’ is good, it was during & after the 19th Century ‘industrial’ Revolution & the ‘advent’ of ‘economic’ Capitalism that ‘specialisation’ as an ‘efficient’ means of ‘mass’ production came to the fore. Adam Smith in his ‘Wealth of Nations’ shows how by splitting the production of e.g. a pin, into several stages, more cd be produced in less time & therefore at lower cost & in turn creating more ‘profit’. Specialisation here is really about productive ‘efficiency’ not necessarily ‘intrinisic’ human good.

    No, too the Diary’s, vlogs & discussions I’ve watched on this subject recently are very much wrong. The nature of human creativity is such that it lends itself very much to ‘generalisation’. So back to the ‘opening’ paragraph, the ‘future’ is all about I wd argue making ‘good’ choices in the ‘now’ & that means spending ‘quality’ time at what you’re doing & as the ‘true’ precious commodity, superceding merely time in itself. Forget your ‘imaginative’ flurry’s into a supposed ‘transcendant’ universe, a ‘mere’ fancy too, which on simple examination simply does’nt exist.

    As for investing in ‘assets’ & the like as an insurance for our futures ( See.Life Studies2 ‘economics’ above ) again on closer analysis theres no ‘certainty’ to be found here, no ‘easy’ safety net, not for ‘most’ of us ( the worlds ‘moral’ majority ) anyhows. Compound ‘interest’ ( the ‘miracle’ ) is at an all time low & housing is ‘immorally’ in ‘crisis’ worldwide partly caused by the wreckless ‘actions’ of greedy property speculators & Banks ‘dodgy’ practices. Yes too few are benefitting in this respect at the ‘expense’ of the many.

    The ‘future’ is neigh, think no more for the ‘morrow, thats the ‘wisest’ adage, That plus like the 12 Virgins are you ready, yes spend some quality time preparing yourself, making yourself ready.

    • ( * See. Notes & Queries from my Diary/ Journal 2017 )

      • Notes ( s )

        You know I know nothing, yet I say, ‘Art’ is ‘not’ a sensible career. Pop & its ‘crafts’ in terms of musicianship mere ‘childs’ play, but having said that what of it, the ‘human’ voice it has its ‘charm’s & its expressiveness & its warmth & its passions, its ‘little’ victories & its ‘tragedies’.

        • Further Note ( s )

          As for me I’m up right now & I’ve got a thousand dragons to slay. Two ‘prime’ studies & at least 4 ‘secondary’ instruments. Then theres my ‘harmonic’ pipes to train both ‘chest’ & head register (s). And why not, me the ‘itinerant’ Gypsy Poet, with plenty of time on his hands ?.

  • To The Future ( Or ‘Dark Aurora’ – A Poem )

    Dark Aurora

    Now there she stands before you
    In her shadowy radiance,
    Tall & indiscreet,
    Like a ‘Demon’,
    Thats trying to greet you as a friend.

    A Dedication To ‘ The Child ‘ ( A Haiku )

    * Note ( s )

    I’ll never forget ‘ The Child ‘, till we meet again !.

    [ * From My Street Poetry Collection 2017 incl. E.g. ” The Dark Aurora ” See. Above ]

  • * A Letter From Across The Sea ( Previously lost now found )

    I can summon up a ‘dragon’ ship , swim alone across Nordic sea’s. Only ‘love’ will tear us apart. So many ‘stories’ to tell you, in so many ‘fantastic’ variations & forms. Yes a ‘distant’ ‘dream’, tho non too distant I hope & desparately waiting to become a ‘reality’.

    [ Sept 9th i.e. from the Collected Letters 2017 ]

    • * PostScript

      Alas I ‘drift’, a slave I wd be, but here I am, I don’t own you & you don’t own me.

      • * Postscript 2

        Musical score to this letter description or vivid ‘scene’ ( See. 2nd Below ) of a ‘frustated’ archetypal would-be lover ( ‘confused’ soul mate, soul Father ? ) lost adrift at sea, & who summoned ( mysteriously charmed ) by her ‘call’ ( sweet aire’ ) endeavoured to cross ocean & wave to rescue ‘she’ i.e. The Child, to be ‘engineered’ by Christopher Adler. Not only one of the best in the world, but perhaps one of the few ‘Producers’ around these days ‘I’ wd trust in a studio ‘darkroom’.

  • * From England To The Mediterranean ( or Benjamins Ghost )

    My starving ‘bloated’ body it ‘floats’, it breezily wanders, from just off the coast of England to the Iberian main at the tip of Mediterranean sea. I awake dazed & bewildered in the sun heat & sea haze, still afloat but so feint & ‘weak’ & just as I begin to let go & sink, a ”mysterious’ chest suddenly appears, some ‘strange’ flotsam bobbing up & down in the waves.

    I instinctively ( ‘curiously’ ) grab onto the water leaden case to, steadying my otherwise fathomless plunge into the dark deep blue sea. I crank open the chest lid & with all my might, feeling around for ‘contents’. My searching fingers tag onto what seems like the crinkled pages, watery wrinkled remnants of a old tattered book. I lift the book out of its wooden tombed encasement, & turn to read the front cover.

    The title E.g. ” The Work Of Art In The Age Of Reprodction ” by Walter Benjamin. Oh yes. I reflect, how wonderful, the German Jewish Philospher, that legendary ‘Intellectual’, who died a ‘fugitive’ ( committed ‘suicide’ ) after hurriedly leaving Paris & desparately trying to escape the Nazis ( Gestapo ) across the Southern French Border into Spain during the ‘advent’ of the Second World War. See. Wikipedia.

    ” The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1935, Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit), by Walter Benjamin, is an essay of cultural criticism which proposes that the aura of a work of art is devalued by mechanical reproduction. The subject and themes of the essay have much influenced the fields of art history and architectural theory, and cultural studies and media theory.[1]

    During the Nazi régime (1933–45) in Germany, Benjamin wrote the essay to produce a theory of art that is “useful for the formulation of revolutionary demands in the politics of art” in mass culture; that, in the age of mechanical reproduction, and the absence of traditional and ritualistic value, the production of art would be inherently based upon the praxis of politics.[2] ”.[ Wikipedia ]

    Oh the ‘ghost’ of Walter Benjamin, it still lives on, despite his rifling stumbling, ‘tragic’ decision & demise just before reaching the border into Spain. Oh what wd have the great Spanish Poet ‘Federico’ Garcia Lorca have said ( ‘poetically’ exclaimed ) on hearing of his death ( if it were not for the untimely death of himself ) & calling out his name ?

    ” Walter, please God, no not Walter….El Pendasor Vagabundo ! ”.
    ( Poet Federico Garcia Lorca on hearing of Walter Benjamins death ).

    • ( *See. Diaries/ Journal 2017 or ‘Benjamins Ghost – A Retrospective. Plus nostaligic memory of past ‘Portabello Road’ Blog Comments now found in the ‘archives’ of the ‘’ website. The ‘notes’ themselves containing refences to the pre War classic essay of 1935 by Walter Benjamin Eg. ” The Work Of Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction ”. In the ‘imagined’ words of Federico Garcia Lorca with regards this highly academically ( ‘culturally’ ! ) infuencial ‘Intellectual’ Exile ” El Pensador Vagabundo ! ”. )

      • ( *See. Poem ”Dark Aurora” ( or ‘Mirror Mirror On The Wall’ ) written in dedicaton to ( * or warning of ! ) The Child whose ‘dark’ presence recently passed by ( ‘toured’ ) English/ UK shores Sept 2017 ! ).

        • This poignant Haiku on the theme of The Child, found amongst & ‘selected’ from, a collection of Personal’ Letters written after the writer was apparantly ‘shipwrecked’ – ‘boat’ brought crashing to the rocks – off the coast of Norway or was it Denmark ? – & whilst he was ‘floating’ adrift at Sea before himself disappearing, presumed drowned at sea, but as yet we cannot say for sure. A ‘romantic’ collecton of hastily scribbled notes on quest or ‘love’ or in hindsight an ironic meditation on mans ‘natural’ human’ capacity for ‘tragic’ delusion ? who knows, you decipher them !. The ‘note’ bundle was picked up off the coast of Iberia having long drifted from the North, yes mysteriously lost but then just as unexplainably found again. They ‘tell’ a fascinating tale, both telling in their candour & revealing in their ‘foresight’ ).

          • * Video Of The Week

            One of my favourite bands ( & ‘women’ ) back in the day. A great song & ‘video’ ( i.e. ‘resonant’ ! ) that in many ways strikes up some powerful ‘artistic’ associations with the ‘perils’ of busking in the streets today. Eg. ”Horror Head” by Curve.

  • * On Journey’s ( or Street Performings Attack On ‘ High ‘ Culture )

    I have’nt spoken about or even given ‘mention’ of Portuguese SouthBank Busker eg. Susana Silva in a while. I have written a ‘brief’ artists ( if you can call her that ? ) biography & it cd do with a ‘recap’ but for now its other reasons her name once again springs to mind.

    Sadly Susana these days epitomises the rather ‘low’ practice ( aping the ‘pop’ worlds common method of appropriating ‘high’ culture for itself, in the process often ‘distorting’ it, poorly ‘subverting’ it ) of taking ( ‘practically’ stealing ) the cultural ‘signs’ of Art, Literture etc & rather selfishly attaching them to her own ‘image’. Either for ‘self ‘promotional’ purposes or more shamelessly for incorporation into her actual ‘artworks’ ( in ‘reality’ not artworks at all ).

    E.g. See how her new crowdfunding project to get a ‘van’ so she can ‘tour’ Europe is now called ” The On The Road Tour ” aka Jack Kerouacs cult book of the same name ( this ‘act’ in turn is basically a ruthlessly copying of SouthBank Buskers Charlotte Campbells naming of her most well known single ” Streets of London ” after the Ralph Mctell popular ‘folk’ classic of the same name. * Nb. Ok some may ‘argue’ this actally works, its merely 21st century Post Modernism at play, I’m not so sure about that it feels more like over enthusiastic creative ‘covetousness’ at work to me.

    Anyway the ‘tragedy’ here ( or the ‘crime’ depending on your ‘moral’ turn of mind ) is that Susana whilst trying to boost her ‘own’ image & credibility by effectively ( attemptedly ! ) ‘stealing’ the shine off ‘true’ great works of the past she not only childishly ‘degrades’ herself she in rather ‘infantile’ fashion degrades those artefacts.

    • * Note (s)

      See. Doncaster Blog ‘comments’ for some ideas on how to be inspired by great works of art without directly copying them e.g. ‘titles’ included.

      • * Further Notes ( s)

        See. Diary/Journall 2017 for a ‘footnote’ on current trends, ‘counterfeit’ culture & present day ‘neo’ Liberal capitalism.

        • * A Few More Note (s)

          See. Diary/Journal 2017 for various ideas on ‘nano’ technology, the scarce ‘free’ society & the late ‘consumption’ Age. Incl. some ‘notions’ as to Street Performing & ’emerging’ subculture in the 21st Century incl. blueprint article ” Towards a future ‘Post-Beatnik’ Culture ”.

          • Shedding some light on the real future possibilites & ‘sites’ for human redemption, a ‘new’ spirituality & where the arena of ‘hope’ may really lie in terms of the ‘true’ salvation of mankind.

          • [ * Case Study

            Nb. Silva’s example sadly another ‘gross’ illustration of ‘style’ over ‘content’, the content a little crazy even at the moment. I hope she can ‘can’ & does find herself tho’ on her van’ trip around Europe, her ‘real’ psychic core that is ( & given she raises the ‘cash’ ! ). No more bullshit Susana, try a bit harder Susanna, just try a bit harder ].

          • Q. Social Media ? A. Sad reality is rather than ‘enhance’, its ‘corrupted’ a lot of performers esp. Buskers ! ]

          • Yes thats my ‘strong’ opinion ].

          • I hope that Silva does’nt end up following the bitter course of a ‘few’ Buskers in Bham, I’ve sadly had to get familiar with. In ‘reality’ cultural junksters who cynically rubbish the streets whilst slyly, dishoneslty & yes very manipulatively doing whatever they can to ‘rubbish’ ( grossly ‘image’ distort ) others. I’m referring here to the ‘mal’ treatment ( social media ‘abuse’ ) of minority ‘good’ street performers i.e. the real public musical potential that this kind of vicious ( both male & female ) ‘abuser’ fears. Yes ‘I’ am a ‘victim’ !. ]

          • Of the kind of person who’s rare polite actions are always a kind of afterthought, whose deeds are forever a ‘form’ of indiscreet cover up. I tell you its time to beware, its time to watch out ! ].

          • Whether performing on the ‘streets’ of Birmingham or London be careful to avoid what many cultural ‘observers’ ( or variant ‘street’ watchers ) are now calling true ‘fake’ talent. That is of the sort with very little if ‘any’ potential ( albeit they yg ) & if at times ‘open’ ‘celebrants’ ( ‘seriously’ ! ) of their own ugliness ( another kind of ‘disguise’ ), more often than not & less contradictorary ( in ‘aspirant’ fame terms ), tho again just as ‘obvious’, more like the social media equivalent of ‘ mutton dressed up as lamb ‘ ( or is it a ‘goat’ ? ). ]

          • See in ‘reality’ for yourself & make up your own minds. If not try & make a judgement based on more ‘accurate’ representations, if & when they’re forthcoming of course. ]

          • Remember I’m not calling for the norms of ‘street’ performing to be challenged & ultimately replaced by the values of ‘high’ Culture, no that wd be ‘absurd’ if not impossible ( tho’ I wd’nt necessarily say ‘elitist’ ! ). Whats needed is a more artistic ’emotional’ sensitivity plus a ‘deeper’ consciousness of ‘music’, sound & ‘milieu’ & perhaps an embracing of a more ‘natural’ derivative Gypsy philosophy ( See. Giuliani & ‘classical’/romantic violin ) plus a more ‘authentic’ style of the streets ].

          • End ]

          • ( * See. Susana Silva. Twitter /Facebook. As for you Susana I’d say seriously retrain’ as a ‘Graphic Artist’ or equivalent & do music as a ‘hobby’ or say p/t. Do this ‘online’ & on the road if necessary. You know where you are at present is not a ‘healthy’ place to be, not mentally & certainly not spiritually. Best wishes & importantly a touch of the best of Romani good luck to you, better still let the ‘higher’ spirit dwell inside your soul i.e. that plus ‘natural’ chance & possibility. )

          • See where it takes you, because thats all that ‘you’ need as a ‘human’ being, believe me when I say ” everything is there ” ( a line from a poem ). Be ‘still’, be content, be happy. For now anyways !. )

          • Do not be afraid just let the journey begin !. )

          • Before its too late I say, ok you say its never too late, quite true I say but then the exception is with regards people like you, where it often always is. )

          • One more for the road then maybe Susana but for ‘you’ its then ‘new’ beginnings ).

          • As for me & the ‘few’ others like me we ‘grow’. Its then ‘forward’ & hopefully onward to fresh discoveries & ‘new’ adventures. Let the Gypsy in us prevail ).

          • [ * Notes above taken from Diary/ Journal 2017 E.g. 1. ‘On Journeys – Street Performings Attack On ‘High’ Culture’, 2. ‘A Case Study – Susana Silva’, 3. ‘On Spirituality v Motivational Hype’ ]

          • An authentic post modern ‘Gypsy’ consciousness for the streets plus a rich & ‘free’ life in the contemporary ‘urban’ wilderness ]

          • Truly living the ‘new’ mindset ]

  • Seeing what ’emerges’, perhaps finding some genuine ‘joy’ there ( despite ‘civilization’ creeping in See. Jean Jacque Rousseau) & if successful actively ‘celebrating’ it, in turn releasing ourselves of any erroneous ‘stultifying’ effects. ]

    • Gone ( all forgotten ) is all the ‘motivational’ hype now on the market, the ‘quotes’, the ‘feel’ good chat, the so called ‘self’ development industry, the pseudo science of the psyche, the find yourself travel philosophy, switched ‘off’ are all the revelations of literature along with your ‘identification’ with them & finally ( at last ) you’re now successfully back to ‘natural’ general principles ( tho’ you cd say ‘classical’ methods ) & generating your ‘own’ copia of confidence in the human reality of now. No romantic reverie in ‘nature’ either, nor ‘old’ testament prophetlike communion with God but finding true inner ‘peace’ & centredness without the graces nor the airs, nor the ego ‘substitute’s & lies. Just simple Art, I mean ‘art’ not erronously ‘produced’ cultural junk ( believe me it won’t work any other way ), ‘focus’ & the now. Don’t trust ‘me’ tho’, on the fact that its no easy task to ‘naturally’ shine from within, & do ‘listen’ to plenty of whats been said on this impt ‘topic’ by others e.g. you’ve got ot know its the great Philosophers that will tell you all this. Susana an alt. set for the day & ‘creative’ sets for the night is perhaps the only way forward other than the Graphic Arts, that I can honeslty see for you. Please take it. ]

      • [ * See. ‘Notes’ from Journal/ Diary 6/10/2017. On ‘journeys’, personal transcendance & Susana Silva ]

        • [ *Cultural Addenda. I have met ( not often but often enough & not just while ‘busking’ i.e. off piste, during leisure or some might say pleasure ) ‘street’ pop persons, local ‘gig’ stage ‘pop’ persons, aspiring world concert platform persons who have in discussions about ‘pop’ music v art music asserted enthusiastically ( or should I say rather zealously expounding ) ” but ‘I’ write my ‘own’ stuff, I don’t just sing I write my own stuff ! ”. My instant reply ” Yes ok ”. My inner ‘thoughts’ ” Sure fine, but how good are they? ”.

          Of course in the wider cultural scheme of things theres an irony here, me chuckling to myself that these are e.g Simon Cowells straighforward ‘open’ thoughts as a ‘judge’ on the type of prime time TV ‘Talent’ Shows he ‘owns’ & runs & which are a now a more or less permanent fixture of popular ‘light’ entertainment on a Saturday Night. ]

          As for when hes back at the ‘Hotel’ room ( Eg. ‘before’ the shows release i.e. during early contestant ‘selection’ stages or ‘after’ the actual show i.e. to get an early nights sleep or perhaps changed & dressed pre-party ) I really don’t know, its not clear to me what his thinking is, curt & ‘open’ or alternatively more restrained & let us say ‘suggestive’ ?

          Nb. In the case of one such ‘pop’ wannabee, whom I recently had a yes pleasant ‘after work’ ‘cafe ‘conversation’ with & ‘coffee’ ( or was it tea ? ) I’m more or less certain, in fact have very little doubt at all what her nevermind her ‘thoughts’ but what her actions wd be, in such should I say ‘unlikely’ circumstances !. ]

        • Who am I referring to here, not either of these 2 ladies ‘sandwiched’ between these 2 comments, surely not, if so ” you Cad ! ” ?. Ok no you’re right, & no I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag here, but for now lets just say, its a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, thats who I make this discreet remark about ( Me Aside: A polite cough ! ) ].

          • Yes I had my wits about me ( i.e. not drunk too much ! ) & showed some gentlemanly restraint. ( well if you believe that you’ll believe anything, me thinking ” this cd be the beginning of a ‘ludic’ relationship ! ” ) ].

          • Tho of course ( & excuse my ‘naeivity’ back then ) in ‘reality’ it did’nt get past the 2nd nevermind, 3rd course ]

          • My rather crude motive back then being rather ‘money’. ]

          • To cut a long story short after the ‘unfinished’ meal, I just took my last ‘shot’ was it Jack Daniels or ‘beer’ ? can’t recall, anyway all I really needed back then ( you know my ‘intitial’ intentions when starting busking were to just ‘earn’ say £50 quid more than on the dole ! ), then got up & left ]

          • You know the actual professional ‘recording’ process can be a ‘distraction’ for a budding Pop ‘artiste’ ( Nb. the precise wording I use here ‘not’ Artist thats something else almost entirely ) & a distinct ( & ‘rarified’ by todays standards ) Songwriting partnership ‘not’ entirely mercenary. Plus a good singing ‘performer’ armed with a decent song cd enter say even an essentially ‘entertaiment’ centred competition like the X-Factor ( with some actual legitemate Artist ‘kudos’ i.e. credibility ! ) & may, just ‘may’, get some ‘authentic’ exposure i.e. for the creation of a personalised ‘hit’ song & not just ( as often is the case ) a base limelight ‘hit’ for The ‘Self’. In ‘reality’ merely another form of ‘aberrant’ timewasting ).

            I had a ‘serious’ experimental phase once ( e.g. songwriting ) & metaphorically speaking it was just a matter of finding the write ( sorry ‘right’ ) ‘vehicle’ for my tenor so to speak. Twas a passing phase I soon discovered ( & am currently re-discovering ) & before moving on to find my ‘authentic’ creative identity & importantly ‘voice’. Enjoyed it tho’ & yes thoroughly & no ironically in this instance not a waste of time, in fact very enlightening ].

  • Charlotte Campbell – Oct 2017 Germany Tour Part 1

    I’ve just watched a travel type ‘vlog’ by Southbank Busker Charlotte Campbell ( a ‘busking’ campadre if not ‘fellow’ of Susana Silva on the London Southbank ) eg. the part 1 of her Oct. ‘Germany’ Tour, the current Hamburg leg. Its a ‘good’ vlog, she’s getting better & better at it, i.e. ‘snappy’ & well ‘edited’, the ‘colour’ tint a ‘fetching’ aesthetic however perhaps a little too ‘neat’, clinical in fact or should alternatively I say ‘very’ German ( or Germany meets USA aka Keisy Neinstadt ? ).

    Again ‘nicer’ & nicer her film video style is getting these days, as so are her ‘travelling’ companions, ( yes Male ) but then so is her ‘matching’ bedspread, pillow case & curtains. I think this time its ‘Connor’ again ( See. Travel Wedding Vlog ), I don’t know of course if they’re an item as such ( none of my business ! ) but he seems like a nice boy, plus I’m sure her Mom likes him, coming across as he does like a ‘sensible’ yg lad.

    So yeah some nice ‘pic’ shots, excellent ‘family’ album stuff too, great for ‘nostalgic’ recall in her later years too I think but as for ‘content’ incl. the ‘topical’ stuff I’m not so sure. The problem with Charlottes ‘talking’ heads, vlogs etc is you always come away feeling you’ve learned nothing about her, just a little bit more about the nether ‘outer’ world of flagrant ‘images’, surfaces & other fairly ‘ephemeral’ stuff.

    If not the actual ‘gigs’, I like her ‘hotel’, continental restaurant/cafe, & ‘outdoors’ walkway shots tho with Connor, plus I really like the videos of her doing a presentation in the local Hamburg ‘kids’ school. In fact in line with earier thoughts on Susana Silva ( See. above ) if it was’nt for Singing & Songwriting ( or songwriting & singing ! ) I’d say thats what Charlottes true calling might be i.e. ‘not’ Theatre Actress or ‘childrens’ TV presenter, not childrens storybook writer even ( no that might be more ‘me’ ! ), but rather Primary School Teacher, like many other of the ‘female’ Buskers you see ‘street’ performing these days down in the London Tube or on the banks of the River Thames.

    • [ * See. More notes from Diary/ Journal 2017. Charlotte Campbell – Oct 2017 Germany Tour Part 1 ]

      • Notes

        Bytheway ( forgetting the ‘vlog’ for a moment, & as I’ve already alluded artistically ‘ephemeral’ anyway ) Charlottes latest CD ‘Endless Light’, wooooh yeees, ok I don’t know about the ‘title’ ( a little ‘hackneyed’ perhaps for me ) but yes 10/10. You know I can’t wait for her next ‘release’, & as I’ve said to my ‘colleagues’ I’ll review this ‘girls’ material any time.

        • So thankyou Charlotte for the ‘copy’ ( well I’m presuming it was you who sent one to me the other day through the post ). By the way I know you do ‘afternoon’ tea but do you do lunch?, next time I’m in London lets link up for a bite to eat, i.e do what I guess you posh English Ladies call ‘tiffin’ ( well with regards those ole 1950s Ealing Comedies, I think thats what they called it anyway )

          • I think we’d have an interesting conversation too, yeah lots too talk about not just music, in fact we cd chat eg. ‘vintage’ movies all afternoon. Not many people know this about me but I’m a great fan of Jack Lemmon.

          • You can bring a ‘chaperone’ with you if you like, afterall we’ve never met before & this wd be a ‘first’ date. Who’s that mate of yours, you know your Singer Songwrter pal why not bring her along, in fact a close mate of mine ( ‘thespian’ type ) just gave me a few ‘spare’ tickets for a London Show. So lets all 3 of us go to the West End later on in the evening, in fact our ‘fun’ day out, lets make a night of it.

          • C ‘la vie mon peit bon bon ! ( London/Paris whats the difference as they say in show business )

          • You know you cd be the next ‘Greta Garbot’, neigh Romy Schneider, neigh Hildergard Knef, neigh Marlene Dietrich.

          • But most of all you could be your Self ( you know I luuuuuv you just as you ). So please lets do ‘lunch’ & yes turn up just as you babe !.

        • ( Oh Dear ‘hiccup’ there I go again ! ).

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