Support your buskers!!

Support your buskers!!

Due to the current Covid crisis and lockdowns buskers are left with little to absolutely zero chance of working and earning money, and are also in a precarious position regarding any government help.

Many have turned to performing and/or raising money online to get them through this difficult period.

Keep Streets Live is endeavouring to support them by sharing links to live streams and crowdfunders, both here and on our new Facebook page Keep Streets Live Streams. We’d also like to extend our support to other buskers who face hardship in one way or another, whether that be ill health, theft or other circumstances.

Please email if you’d like to appear on our page or if you know of anybody who needs support in this way.

Keep Streets Live Patreon page.

Live Music Streams with The Moot and others.

Help touring musicians was set up by Ian Russell of Scorpio Promotions. The aim was to raise money for artists who were stuck in Europe and receiving cancellations as the lockdowns began to take force. A number of buskers are included in the individuals for which money is being raised, and will be contributing music to an album in the near future to promote the fund.

Musicians of Lancaster includes a number of individuals regularly seen on the streets of Lancaster, Morecambe and further afield. The organisers have set up the Sterile Sessions online where performers can livestream.

Busking Beyond Borders. A book about busking and traveling by David Fisher. David has busked in approximately 50 countries including every country in the EU.

Matt Tomlinson had his bagpipes stolen and now cannot busk due to the lockdown in Scotland.That’s a slightly unfortunate double-whammy!

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