Rainbow Funktion

Rainbow Funktion
On August 17th we hosted an event at Rainbow Junction in Leeds. Part of our program of collaborating with like-minded community and/or non-profit organisations. We entertained the lunchtime diners, and also had the chance for a post-lockdown catch up. The event was broadcast on our Keep Streets Live Streams channel.
Thanks to those musicians who took part:

Rainbow Junktion is a Pay-As-You-Feel community café based at All Hallows’ Church, 24 Regent Terrace, Leeds LS6 1NP

We intercept waste food produce to create healthy meals every Monday, Thursday and Friday for whoever walks in the door. Everyone is welcome.

We have 3 course lunch available, plus WIFI, phone charging and basic food shopping.

If you would like to volunteer then please email volunteer@rainbowjunktion.org.uk

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