In the interests of transparency and accountability, you will find our published accounts on this page. All funds received are reinvested into the campaign, and no campaign members draw a salary. Whilst all figures are approximations, full details will be available here shortly.


Website (hosting, domain registration, and site template) – £100

Printing – £175

Travel – £135

Stationary – £45

Expenses – £10

Total outgoings to date –  £465 approx


Monday 9th July, 2012 Mass Communal Church Street Busk to Celebrate Liverpool’s Street Culture.

Collection – £245 (of which £35 was given to performers from the fantastically precocious Bolshy for their exceptional energy and performance. Since Liverpool’s new street performance specifies that all performers must be over the age of 18 years old, talented buskers such as Bolshy whose members are under that age risk prosecution just for honing their art).

Saturday 15th July, 2012 Save Busking in Liverpool! #keepstreetslive.

Collection – £130 (of which £60 was given to Bolshy).

Total earnings to date – £280 approx