Keep Streets Live campaigns have been colourful affairs. From our inception in Liverpool with it’s spontaneous mass busk, to Camden where Bill Bailey performed his parody of a Billy Bragg song to Billy Bragg himself, to Chester where Mark Thomas was pushed around in a bed in his pyjamas to emphasise the ridiculousness of a ban on ‘sleeping in public’.

This year (2019) opens with us working to repeal a draconian PSPO in Nottingham which will criminalise not only buskers and the homeless but also threatens fundamental rights of free assembly and freedom of expression. It will be part of a wider campaign against the misuse of this legislation, which according to Home Office guidance “should not be used to prevent busking or other forms of street entertainment”. Despite this directive, over a dozen local authorities in the UK have now enacted specific Orders against our community. You can follow this  campaign across all platforms, including Twitter, using the hashtag #SayNo2PSPO

Jules, Jack and Zack- our Canterbury busking reps.

Accrington- First ever KSL guidance adopted based on early draft of Liverpool policy. 

Bath– Amp ban in Abbey area repealed.

Birmingham– Ongoing fight against busking bans.

Bolton- Invited by the Council to submit proposal as an alternative to the existing PSPO.

Bournemouth- Proposed anti-busking PSPO scrapped after Keep Streets Live response to consultation.

Camden– Raised £15,000 to fight Camden in the High Court. Supported by Bill Bailey, Billy Bragg and Mark Thomas.

Canterbury- We’ve established three busking reps to mediate between performers and other stakeholders.


Carlisle– Anti-busking PSPO (loud noise) overturned and new guidance formalised.



Durham- Auditions and designated pitches scrapped.


Kensington & Chelsea– Ongoing campaign to overturn Britain’s most draconian use of PSPO against busking so far. 

Nottingham– We were not able to prevent a PSPO but removed most damaging elements including requirement of ‘authorisation’ and strict designated pitches.

Romford– Successful campaign against PSPO involving amp ban and other restrictions.

Westminster– Street Performers’ Association revitalised to work with the Council, businesses and residents and self-regulate.



York– Long-standing ‘license’ overturned. KSL guidance introduced and recently renewed.