Keep Streets Live presents…

Keep Streets Live presents…

Keep Streets Live is proud to announce we will be extending our partnership with Rainbow Junction in 2021.

Beginning in April we will be providing a regular musical backdrop to entertain and lift the spirits of visitors, customers, staff and volunteers at the project in Leeds.

Rainbow Junktion is a Pay-As-You-Feel community café based at All Hallows’ Church, 24 Regent Terrace, Leeds LS6 1NP

We intercept waste food produce to create healthy meals every Monday, Thursday and Friday for whoever walks in the door. Everyone is welcome.

We have 3 course lunch available, plus WIFI, phone charging and basic food shopping.

An eclectic mix of buskers will be performing on the first Monday of each month. All are welcome to come along and enjoy some quality music and some tasty food.  Gigs will also be streamed onto our Keep Streets Live Streams Facebook page for those who are further afield to enjoy.

Acts will be announced in due course, with the first date on Mon 5th April.

Mon 5th April

12.00 Chester

1.00 Joseph Moore

2.00 The Burner Band

Mon 7th June 

12.00 Sean Harrington

1.00 Danielle De La Wonk

2.00 Jake Keating 

Mon 5th July

12.00 Cobalt Tales

1.00 TBC

2.00 TBC

If you are interested in playing we can make a small payment for expenses and you will be be well fed and watered. Please email to book a slot.

For those who wish to make a donation to support our artists and help to keep the program going please click here

We will also be continuing our summer gigs at Left Bank. More details will be available in March.


Support your buskers!!

Support your buskers!!

Due to the current Covid crisis and lockdowns buskers are left with little to absolutely zero chance of working and earning money, and are also in a precarious position regarding any government help.

Many have turned to performing and/or raising money online to get them through this difficult period.

Keep Streets Live is endeavouring to support them by sharing links to live streams and crowdfunders, both here and on our new Facebook page Keep Streets Live Streams. We’d also like to extend our support to other buskers who face hardship in one way or another, whether that be ill health, theft or other circumstances.

Please email if you’d like to appear on our page or if you know of anybody who needs support in this way.

Keep Streets Live Patreon page.

Live Music Streams with The Moot and others.

Help touring musicians was set up by Ian Russell of Scorpio Promotions. The aim was to raise money for artists who were stuck in Europe and receiving cancellations as the lockdowns began to take force. A number of buskers are included in the individuals for which money is being raised, and will be contributing music to an album in the near future to promote the fund.

Musicians of Lancaster includes a number of individuals regularly seen on the streets of Lancaster, Morecambe and further afield. The organisers have set up the Sterile Sessions online where performers can livestream.

Busking Beyond Borders. A book about busking and traveling by David Fisher. David has busked in approximately 50 countries including every country in the EU.

Matt Tomlinson had his bagpipes stolen and now cannot busk due to the lockdown in Scotland.That’s a slightly unfortunate double-whammy!

Patreon: Why We Need You.

Patreon: Why We Need You.


“Keep Streets Live is the only organisation working across the UK (and beyond) that is dedicated to fighting for the rights of buskers and other users of public space, against a backdrop where public life is increasingly hyper-regulated.

Having supported KSL for 5 years now in various capacities (I’m currently part of the team in Canterbury, where KSL has managed to develop a positive relationship with the council and local stakeholders to ensure our streets are open to street performers), I’m keenly aware that none of our achievements would have been possible without the efforts those who volunteer so much time and energy for the cause, despite having full-time jobs and personal lives of their own. They add to their own workload and stress to make the working lives of street entertainers possible.

Supporting Keep Streets Live with a regular donation ensures that we can run sustained campaigns against attempts to prevent artistic expression in public spaces. The threat of PSPOs and other forms of regulation isn’t going away – it seems that nearly every week another UK council brings in their own set of draconian measures that stifle public sociality and street culture. We need to treat this threat with the seriousness it deserves, because once we lose these rights they are incredibly difficult to get back.

Particularly if you are unable to get involved in person, giving a little bit of money each month is a way you can be assured that you’re doing your bit to preserve the important and ancient tradition of busking, which brings joy, warmth and atmosphere to so many. KSL’s reach also extends to some of the most vulnerable members of our society; particularly homeless populations, who are so often brought under the same category as buskers and anyone else partaking in an activity that isn’t shopping or passing through.

Our public spaces mean so much more than that – let’s work together to ensure this remains the case.”- Jack Lowe.