Keep Streets Live @ Rainbow Junktion

Keep Streets Live @ Rainbow Junktion

Keep Streets Live is proud to announce we will be extending our partnership with Rainbow Junction in 2022 by providing a regular musical backdrop to entertain and lift the spirits of visitors, customers, staff and volunteers at the project in Leeds.

Rainbow Junktion is a Pay-As-You-Feel community café based at All Hallows’ Church, 24 Regent Terrace, Leeds LS6 1NP

We intercept waste food produce to create healthy meals every Monday, Thursday and Friday for whoever walks in the door. Everyone is welcome.

We have 3 course lunch available, plus WIFI, phone charging and basic food shopping.

An eclectic mix of buskers will be performing on the first Monday of each month. All are welcome to come along and enjoy some quality music and some tasty food.  Gigs will also be streamed onto our Keep Streets Live Streams Facebook page for those who are further afield to enjoy.

If you are interested in playing we can make a small payment for expenses and you will be be well fed and watered. Please email to book a slot.

For those who wish to make a donation to support our artists and help to keep the program going please click here

2022 Program

Mon 3rd Jan Jake Keating 

Mon 7th Feb Hayley Gaftarnick

Mon 7th March Hayley Gaftarnick Lightning Hector

Mon 4th April Johnny Campbell

Mon 2nd May Hayley Gaftarnick Ukelele Eric

Mon 6th June Chester

Mon 4th July Sara Kate Michel 

Mon 1st Aug Hayley Gaftarnick 

Mon 5th Sept Chester

Mon 3rd Oct Hayley Gaftarnick

Mon 7th Nov Hayley Gaftarnick

Mon 5th Dec Johnny Campbell





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