Leeds Busking Festival 2023

What is it?

Leeds Busking Festival will be an opportunity to showcase the best busking talent in the city of Leeds. Wander through the streets hearing music and performances from a range of genres, styles and instruments and learn more about the musical heritage of Leeds through its musicians.


Where is it?

The festival will take place across the City Centre with 5, curated pitches including Albion St, Briggate and City Square.

Pitches include

  1.  Albion Street
  2.  Briggate
  3.  City Square – Making a Stand
  4.  Corn Exchange
  5.  Cookridge Street (Art Forms)

Why are we doing it?

Leeds is a city that welcomes and appreciates buskers. The life, vibrancy and spontaneity that arises from impromptu performances is one of the features that makes Leeds City Centre such a brilliant destination. Keep Streets Live Founding Director Jonny Walker was a prominent Leeds busker and KSL, alongside Leeds City Council and Leeds 2023 are proud to preserve his legacy through a celebration of street culture he fought so fiercely to protect.


When is it?

11am – 4pm – Saturday 22nd July


In collaboration with Leeds 2023…