JONNY WALKER was the founding director of KSL, a Liverpool-born singer songwriter, street culture activist and a professional street performer. He began playing on streets throughout the UK in 2002 and released his debut EP This Is Not Me on July 21st, 2012. He was a passionate believer in the importance of community, both on the streets and in wider society. Jonny was also a citizen advocate for Leeds Advocacy and a patron of Norwich-based charity, Musical Keys who provide music, movement and fun for children and young people with complex/additional needs.

Sadly Jonny passed away suddenly early in 2018, but he remains a great inspiration to us all as we endeavour to continue the great work that he did for Keep Streets Live.



Nicola Hambridge has been involved in social justice campaigning since she was a student in Leeds in the 1990s. Keep Streets Live’s mission combines this with her interest in the arts, particularly music. As well as her role as a volunteer director of KSL she is a Trustee of Left Bank Leeds arts centre, volunteer director of Leeds Tidal, heavily involved in Greenbelt festival and helps run Live At All Hallows acoustic gigs in Leeds.  Professionally she is a GP in West Leeds, is Chair of Leeds Local Medical Committee, and teaches undergraduate medical students at the University of Leeds.



David is a folk musician and busker who has played in nearly 50 countries, including every nation in the EU. These experiences formed the basis of an album and book about travelling and busking, both entitled ‘Busking Beyond Borders’. David first came into contact with KSL when they helped to dissuade Birmingham Council from introducing anti-busking legislation in the City Centre and was inspired by their actions to get involved with campaigning against unreasonable restrictions on the use of public spaces.

You can find our list of Directors (past and present) on the Companies House website.