Join us today to Celebrate Liverpool’s Street Culture

Join us today to Celebrate Liverpool’s Street Culture

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As of today, it will be illegal to busk in Liverpool without first signing up a to highly restrictive set of terms of conditions which Liverpool City Council have produced in what can only be described as a sham consultation.

Besides attacking the ‘soft‘ target of buskers – many of whom are vulnerable – in a time when real issues like social deprivation and street violence are on the rise, the enforcement of the Liverpool City Council’s new policy is a mis-allocation of scare council funds and resources at a time of European-wide recession.

If, like us, you value spontaneous street performance, then come join the swelling mass of people and media organizations who are set to converge on Church Street @ 12 noon where they will celebrate Liverpool’s vibrant street culture with a mass busk!

With your help today we can challenge the council’s new policy in a peaceful and vibrant fashion, and help to keep spontaneous street performance alive!

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