More Media from Monday’s Celebratory Busk

More Media from Monday’s Celebratory Busk

Photo: Christian Eriksson.

April Armstrong–Bascombe from the excellent Seven Streets reported on the detrimental social and human cost of this policy’s implementation (‘Busker’s Fear End of Liverpool’s Street Culture‘). Armstrong–Bascombe spoke to performers whose livelihoods stand to be decimated by the new policy, an aspect of the policy which mainstream media outlets have thus far failed to recognise.

Bay TV sent their film crew to report on Monday’s celebration (‘Buskers take streets back in protest at new legislation‘). Unlike a similar report for BBC North West Tonight, Bay TV did not shy away from tackling the many real issues at the heart of Liverpool City Council’s absurd new policy.

The blogosphere was also alight, with standout reportage from Richard MacDonald and Matt Swift. It’s the continual support of individual bloggers like these which will really help to keep Liverpool’s streets live!

And a last big thanks to the MerseyMongoose for the following video, which accurately captures many of the performances of the day (but viewers beware: The views expressed by individual performers do not reflect those of ASAP! or the KeepStreetsLive! campaign as a whole):


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  • Keep up the good work. Be sure to let me know if you have any more fundraisers and feel free to add me to your mailing list.

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