Our Not-For-Profit Organisation Is Born

Our Not-For-Profit Organisation Is Born

It’s a historic day in Leeds! We’ve just had the first director’s meeting of the newly-incorporated Keep Streets Live Campaign Limited, a not-for-profit company with a mission to protect access to public space for informal community uses. Co-Directors John H.Walker, Philippa Morgan Walker and Jonny Walker are at the beginning of an exciting journey…first stop, Camden Town. See the Keep Streets Live memorandum and articles of association here. Watch this space… We are currently working on an IndyGoGo campaign to raise fighting funds for the legal challenge and to help set-up the resources of the company, so that we can serve grassroots communities and be in a professional dialogue with councils, police and other creative advocacy bodies that nurture street culture. If you would like to help our campaign and start-up of this company with donations or offerings of expertise, time or ideas, then please get in touch. Email jonnywalker@me.com. Thank you and wishing you a very merry Christmas. Philippa, John and Jonny :)

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