Patreon: Why We Need You.

Patreon: Why We Need You.


“Keep Streets Live is the only organisation working across the UK (and beyond) that is dedicated to fighting for the rights of buskers and other users of public space, against a backdrop where public life is increasingly hyper-regulated.

Having supported KSL for 5 years now in various capacities (I’m currently part of the team in Canterbury, where KSL has managed to develop a positive relationship with the council and local stakeholders to ensure our streets are open to street performers), I’m keenly aware that none of our achievements would have been possible without the efforts those who volunteer so much time and energy for the cause, despite having full-time jobs and personal lives of their own. They add to their own workload and stress to make the working lives of street entertainers possible.

Supporting Keep Streets Live with a regular donation ensures that we can run sustained campaigns against attempts to prevent artistic expression in public spaces. The threat of PSPOs and other forms of regulation isn’t going away – it seems that nearly every week another UK council brings in their own set of draconian measures that stifle public sociality and street culture. We need to treat this threat with the seriousness it deserves, because once we lose these rights they are incredibly difficult to get back.

Particularly if you are unable to get involved in person, giving a little bit of money each month is a way you can be assured that you’re doing your bit to preserve the important and ancient tradition of busking, which brings joy, warmth and atmosphere to so many. KSL’s reach also extends to some of the most vulnerable members of our society; particularly homeless populations, who are so often brought under the same category as buskers and anyone else partaking in an activity that isn’t shopping or passing through.

Our public spaces mean so much more than that – let’s work together to ensure this remains the case.”- Jack Lowe.

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