Making a complaint to police.

This incident provides a handy example of how to make a complaint to police when mistreated under lockdown laws.
“I was approached by an officer (2377) today whilst working as a busker in Norton, who insisted I move on under the Coronavirus regulations as he claimed my work was ‘non-essential’ and threatened me with a Fixed Penalty Notice.
I politely tried to explain to him that you can leave home for work purposes “where it is not reasonably possible for that person to work, or provide those services” from home according to the law itself.
In addition the guidance to the law clarifies that “The government is NOT saying that only people doing ‘essential’ work can go to work. ANYONE who cannot work from home can still go to work” This seems abundantly clear.
A statement from my union, the Musicians’ Union, in line with government authorities says “busking is allowed for work purposes as long as it is not encouraging mass crowds. Audiences will need to adhere to the appropriate social distancing guidelines.”
There was no crowd, no issue of social distancing, and there had also been no complaints about the nature of my performance.
The officer was abrasive in nature and refused to listen to what I was saying, despite having screenshots of the above information on my phone. He claimed that what I was saying was my ‘opinion’ or ‘interpretation’ despite the fact that I was reading the law and guidance word for word.
He talked over me constantly and insisted I “show some respect’ and wait until he had finished then once he had and I took my turn to speak he walked away from me and turned his back, before returning to reiterate that he would take enforcement action if I didn’t move on.
I am concerned that police officers are unaware of the true content of the Coronavirus regulations. Even when presented with the exact wording from the government’s own website this officer chose to ignore it and insist on his own interpretation.
Although I am repeating myself I would like to emphasise that the government guidance does not distinguish between essential and non-essential work. You can go to work where it is ‘unreasonable to do your job from home’. Clearly, as a self-employed street musician, it is not possible for me to do this from home.”
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