“Messing about on boats.”

“Messing about on boats.”

July 20th is International Busking Day, celebrating artistic performance in public spaces. 

Whilst some London Councils are defining busking as “antisocial behaviour,” to be restricted with new licensing and conditions, other groups and individuals are innovating to continue a tradition that adds colour and opportunity to everyone’s life. 

The Hat, a new app which allows buskers to receive tips digitally, has partnered with the campaign group Keep Streets Live to bring busking to the Grand Union Canal. 

From July 20th until August 1st, buskers will perform on board the 58’ wide beam canal boat, Molly Anna, which is participating in a London Festival of Architecture installation demonstrating alternative visions for developing the towpath beneath the A40 flyover near Westbourne Park. 

The boat will be in two locations on those days, allowing buskers to perform from noon until 5 p.m. for crowds gathered at the LFA “co-mooring” site beneath the flyover, as well as adjacent the patio of the Union Tavern on Woodfield Road, 200 meters away.

Performers will be paid a small fee using The Hat app and will also be able to collect tips from their audience. Musicians, dancers, and other artists are invited to call 07500 753673 to reserve a slot or email contact@thehatapp.com

Dates and times will be posted as and when finalised, but so far artists confirmed include talented guitarist Alexander Kyd who has already recently performed on the boat and is looking forward to returning.

Sat 20th July. Julian Rosso. 5pm.

Mon 22nd July. David Fisher. 6pm.

Fri 26th July. Martin Ash. 5pm.

Mon 29th July. Lea Barrufatto. 1pm.

Wed 31st July. Weybourne Chester Bingley. 1pm.

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  • is this only for UK residents? I’m from The Netherlands

    • Chester Bingley says

      International Busking Day (which was pioneered by Busk in London) on 20th July is, as the name suggests worldwide so we’d be looking to support events that were happening anywhere that promote busking and street music. Where in the Netherlands are you based?

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