BRIEF: Just For The Record…

BRIEF: Just For The Record…

For the public record, ASAP! cares deeply about public safety and wholly supports the safe management of crowds. We believe that street performers make the streets safer by creating a calming ambience and adding to the enjoyment of passersby. Many of the people travelling to Liverpool for the Mathew Street festival will EXPECT to see impromptu street performances as a complementary activity to the events on the main stages. In this light we see it as our duty to be out on the streets of Liverpool bringing with us a positive presence for the Mathew Street festival. We do not want to cause problems for the council or the police. We want to help them by creating a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for people as they move through the city. We are happy to take regular breaks and to fully cooperate with the police as they keep a watchful eye on the safety of festival attendees.

But we think it is entirely wrong for Liverpool City Council to ask the Police to move ALL street performers off the streets at a time when the whole city is participating in an outdoor music festival 50 years after the Beatles first got together, especially when their presence is no way unlawful.

That is why we are encouraging our street performers to come to Liverpool on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th to be part of this celebration of Liverpool as a city of music and culture. Join us on the streets, but BE PREPARED! Before you come, print out a copy of our ‘best practise’ guidance with our advice on how to conduct yourselves on the streets:

Also, print out a copy of the ASAP! busk card and familiarise yourself with it. It contains valuable legal information, and advice on how to talk to officials. Always show consideration for other people, and bring a positive and celebratory spirit with you onto the streets. Be aware that there will be a lot of extra people for you to entertain this weekend, from all over the world. Be prepared to work with the police if they need you to take a break for any reason. We want to cooperate with the police. All we ask in return is that we don’t get threatened with arrest for the non-crime of entertaining people at a free street festival.

We suggest that performers choose their pitches on Church Street or Bold Street on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th, as these areas fall outside the unofficial exclusion zone that the Council produced at the High Court hearing, and as such do not constitute one of the ‘suspended pitches’ that Mayor Anderson alluded to in his letter. We look forward to seeing you all on the ground over the Bank Holiday weekend. In the meantime, Keep Streets Live!